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Calls from Italy outbound

Starting from June 26, 2016

The cost and pricing mode of outbound calls changes.
The Voice calls generated from Italy towards Area 1-2-3-4 will have the following costs:
  • Area1: 1€/min
  • Area2: 2€/min
  • Area3: 3€/min
  • Area4: 4€/min Zone
There will be a connection charge of 15.25 cent€ and the call will be charged in advance every 60 seconds. The new conditions do not apply to the plans that include international calls from Italy and to the options listed below: Welcome to Italy, No Distance, All In International and International 3.
n the case of options with thresholds, traffic beyond the threshold will be charged at the new rates, except in the All In International offer that maintains its own specific rating beyond the thresholds.
The cost of Video-calls and SMS sent from Italy towards Areas 1-2-3-4 remains unchanged. These changes apply to optional and additional services offered by 3. The rating of said services can be subject to changes in time when market conditions change; however, the plan and the subscribed offer remain unchanged.

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