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FAQs - Calls from Italy to Abroad countries

Since when do the new rates apply?
The new rates apply starting from June 26, 2016, included.

Will the cost of Video calls and messages vary?
No, the changes only apply to voice calls and to the charging method, as calls will be charged in advance every 60 seconds; the cost of Video calls and messages remains unvaried.

To which countries do the new rates apply?
To countries in zones 1-2-3-4. To know which countries are in the stated zones, visit the rates/abroad section.

Which rates will be applied?
Outbound calls towards:
ZONA 1: 81,96 cent/min
ZONA 2: 1,63 €/min
ZONA 3: 2,45 €/min
ZONA 4: 3,27 €/min

My plan includes calls towards Zone 1, do my rates change too?
The new rates will apply to outbound calls beyond the threshold foreseen by your plan.

Are the new rates valid even if I have activated an option that includes outbound calls (ex. Unlimited International and 3International business)?
The new conditions do not apply to the options that include international calls from Italy with thresholds or specific rates. In case of options with thresholds, calls exceeding the threshold will follow the new rates regardless of the current plan or option.
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