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Changes in the offer terms and conditions for the I Tried to Call You Service

Starting from May 1, 2017 

The I Tried to Call You service informs you, through an SMS, of any missed Calls/Voice-calls.
The monthly cost of the service is only charged upon receiving the first notification SMS in the calendar month.The charge will only be made only in the months of actual use.
Due to changes in market conditions and the offer, we inform you that starting from May 1, 2017 the monthly cost for the provision of the I Tried to Call You service, will be 1,50€ per month (including VAT) if you use it. The clients affected by the changes in the service price will receive communication in advance via SMS from 3.
Up until April 30, 2017 it is possible to withdraw from the service at no additional cost by typing in the following codes directly on your smartphone:


To activate the service or see its status you can type the following codes:


The “SEND” wording that you find in the string indicates pressing the button that you use to start a call.

Starting from March 16, 2020 

To activate, deactivate the service or see its status call the free number 403020.

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