Manage and store your data in order to increase your company security.

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Store your data in a secure environment
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Costs based on the real use of resources, with no initial investment
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Let the service be outsourced by a team of experts

The most effective solution for companies that want to store their data in a secure environment

The service, in partnership with Veeam, allows the management and encrypted storage of a copy of your data, to increase security and geographically differentiate the replication of long term retention.
The data is stored on the WINDTRE cloud, a distributed and redundant infrastructure on the two advanced infrastructures of Rome and Siziano, connected to the backbone of WINDTRE.


Manage and archive effectively
your business data.
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Store your data in complete security

Having too many documents can become a problem for your company when you have no more space to store them. Thanks to Cloud Backup Protection, a service that uses the latest security technologies, you can store your data in complete security. In addition, you can decide to manage everything independently or to delegate the service to our specialists, who will provide you a constant support and guarantee the highest level of professionalism.

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Data backup off-site

Copy your local data on an off-site cloud by a secure SSL connection.

Complete management

You can independently define the service's policy and configurations, as recovering data in cloud repositories or monitoring consumption.

Cryptography end-to-end

Data encrypted at the source, without a negative impact on data reduction rates.

Managed and unmanaged service

You can manage the service independently or delegate the configuration and supervision of all the necessary activities to WINDTRE, through a Security Operation Center.

Fast and flexible failover

Reliable and fast recovery for individual files and applications, by using local copies.

Compliance GDPR

Service in compliance with GDPR, both for the security measures implemented and for the operational management methods.

How does it work?

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from WINDTRE your login credentials
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the WINDTRE Repository url
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backup job in your Veeam Backup & Replication
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the backup

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