Wind Tre Business


Effective management of company-clients communications.

Completely in cloud solution, no dedicated investments required
To adress the needs of modern and digital clients
Customize and integrate with the CRM platforms leader of the market

The quick and scalable tool to improve the processing and interactions on digital channels.

The Cloud Contact Manager is a web dashboard designed to manage and automate the communication between company and clients, making more efficient the marketing, sales and customer care process. A useful tool to expand the contact opportunities with clients and improve the customer experience.
The easiness of an in cloud solution merges with the safety and clarity of an easy to use tool, able to adapt to the workflow and seasonal peaks of your business.


Improve the interactions
with your customers.

The effective in Cloud IVR system

The company procedures management was ever so easy: collect and verify the data, reminders for meeting and deadlines, update on the practices status. The sorting of the calls and of the operators, according to their functions and skills, make the Cloud integration essential for any company making their clients satisfaction a number one priority.

Keep an eye on Security

The Visual Customer Experience is the tool to share data, documents and pictures: it's a completely safe solution, without pointless risks, using a link to send directly to the Client. 
The links sent to the clients are unique and the expiry date is custom. It's possible as well to monitor the data of the actions made by the clients.

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Manage the inbound and outbound calls via web through the WebRTC technology. Sort the operators according to their functions and skills.

Live Chat

Complete your website through the chance to connect with an operator via text, audio or video call.

TEXTS & Emails

Send single, multiple and custom texts as often as you wish. Schedule the newsletter and manage the contact list.

Visual CX

Send and share files and pictures through a link without a dedicated App.

Web Integration

Make calls and videocalls through a web platform: Click to Call and Video Click to Call.


Manage the video-streaming directly from your Smartphone, tablet or through the webcam.

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