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The solution for statistical analysis of people's mobility, in order to know the entire journey and the means of transport used.

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The service to analyze and manage mobility

The service is provided through a simple and intuitive WEB interface, specially designed for those involved in planning, managing and analyzing mobility. Through the map it is possible to view how many people move between two points: a start and a destination point, with detail by day of the week, time slot and means of transport used. It allows the analysis of the entire Italian population.
The solution uses real data and sophisticated statistical algorithms to offer companies the most effective tool to support business decisions to offer the services that customers ask for at the right time and in the right place.

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A user-friendly interface, very simple and intuitive


An interface able to analyzing many paths simultaneously


Filter configuration for more detailed analysis


Analysis on the entire Italian population


and accuracy of all results shown
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Main activities offered

"Long Distance" mobility analysis on the whole national territory
"Short Distance" mobility analysis between the municipalities of the same Province
"Short Distance" mobility analysis between the municipalities of the same Region


Main activities offered

Customization of the service based on each specific need
Subscription service, contractual duration of 12 months.
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