Wind Tre Business

Landline Solutions
for Large Companies

Fixed Voice and Internet Solutions for Large Businesses are designed to manage calls from fixed-lines and internet browsing from the office.
And they deliver services to optimize your company work, from client management to internal communication.
Made to provide ad ideal management of your work in the office, the Voice and Internet for Large Business including voice calls and FIBER. Find out more!


The unique and secure solution for voice-video-data connection for company offices, equipped with Internet and SD-WAN


In a single offer, both the VPN solution and the ultra-fast Internet solution with high quality and security


The advanced connectivity service.

Fixed Voice Services

The fixed voice solutions for your company.


The detailed list of toll-free and premium numbers.


Fixed voice and internet solutions.

Internet Services

Solutions to browse the internet from a fixed-line phone.


A range of complete, simple and ready-to-use solutions.


The virtual PBX solution for your office

Any more doubts on the Fixed-line Plan suited for you?

Fixed Speech
Fixed Voice options offer various solutions to make the most of the fixed network in your business. Toll-free numbers, call and internet rates, and other services suitable for those who want to get the most out of their corporate network.

Internet Connectivity and Private Networks
The new WINDTRE Connect offer is aimed at companies that need a fast connection to facilitate communications, voice and data, of their employees. All on a single technological infrastructure that guarantees high levels of performance, safety and operational continuity. With the new WINDTRE Connect it is in fact possible, in complete safety and reliability:
  • connect all company offices in a secure intranet with data-video-voice services
  • access the Intranet also from the mobile network
  • access and browse the internet.
SD-WAN represents a new approach to connectivity that allows you to overcome the limitations of traditional WAN infrastructures by effectively responding to new market needs. SD-WAN is aimed at companies that require increasingly flexible and high-performance solutions to manage distributed applications even outside the company perimeter (cloud, data center).

Integrated Solutions
The integrated solutions of WINDTRE BUSINESS offer innovative and flexible answers for all the needs of your company.
Smart Collaboration Suite offers connectivity, voice, collaboration and security in a single solution, with scalable and customizable packages according to your needs.
The innovative offer of virtual switchboard Office Smart Large simplifies the management of corporate communication inside and outside the office, always keeping the connection with your customers and with your business active:
  • Multi-device and multi-site management, with mobile and desktop APP
  • Unified Communication
  • IVR and ACD services
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