Wind Tre Business

Landline Solutions
for Large Companies

Fixed Voice and Internet Solutions for Large Businesses are designed to manage calls from fixed-lines and internet browsing from the office.
And they deliver services to optimize your company work, from client management to internal communication.
Made to provide ad ideal management of your work in the office, the Voice and Internet for Large Business including voice calls and FIBER. Find out more!

Fixed Voice Services

The fixed voice solutions for your company.


The detailed list of toll-free and
premium numbers.


Fixed voice and internet solutions.


Cloud-based PBX solutions.

Internet Services

Solutions to browse the internet from a fixed-line phone.


The next-generation ultra-high-speed network solution.

Private Networks

Intranet solutions for data - video - voice connections.


The data-voice-video service for companies with multiple locations.

Any more doubts on the Fixed-line Plan suited for you?

Fixed-line options deliver several solutions to make the best of your corporate fixed-line network. Toll-free numbers, voice call and internet rates, PBX options and other services designed for those who want to get the best out of their corporate network.

Data and Internet
Data and Internet services provide solutions to access and browse the internet and activate customized intranet networks. A valuable support for companies who have to manage private networks or use an ultra-fast internet connection from a landline.

Private Networks
Wind Tre “Virtual Private Network” is intended for companies that need a fast connection to facilitate its employees’ voice and data communication. Wind Tre Virtual Private Network relies upon a single technological infrastructure delivering top performance, security and seamless operation.
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