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Your company invoices managed by eletronic channels.

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per month
An online archive for all your business or company invoices
An tool easy to understand and easy to manage
Complete authonomy in managing your own invoicing

A cloud platform to send, receive and archive all your invoices. Just this once, everything is digital.

The solution for receivable and payable invoicing for both the Public Sector and Professionals. Through an online tool you'll be able to fill, send, monitor and save your business invoices in complete authonomy. The tool is easy to use and is able to provide the required support in order to save precious time. Also the tool is already preset to manage the billing structure as per the new regulation active after January 2019. Why waste precious time? The exclusive Wind Tre Business service makes electronic billing easy and easier!


All your invoices
in a click.


Are you a Professional who would like to manage internally its invoicing? Do you have an Accounting Company and you want to be up to speed with the regulation active from January 2019? YouDox and Wind Tre Business will make your invoicing a really easy task.
Connect your managerial system to the web tool and upload all of your invoices. Issue, receive and save the invoices through an XML format up to 10 years from their issue date. Do not worry about the Electronic Invoicing and the new regulations: Wind Tre Business and YouDox will take care of everything!

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Intuitive Tool

The web tool provided with the service is straightforward, easily managed and ready-to-use to modify invoices in a single click.

Cloud Archive

It's possible to archive invoices, both issued and received, up to 10 years in a cloud storage, as per normative.

Filling manul and from managerial system

Invoices can be filled manually and from a company's managerial system both.

XML file format

As per the regulation of January 2019, invoices will have to be issued in a standard format, already included in the tool.


The online tool allows an overview of the receivable and payable invoices of the entire Business.

Cooperative Management

Through different login credentials, interaction and cooperative management of invoices are favoured.

How does it work?

to the Electronic Invoicing tool
the invoice manually or import it
the invoices to all the intended recipients
the invoices as per law up to 10 years

Discover our plans:


Ideal for smaller enterprises managing small volumes of invoices.
Issue and control your invoices with no limitations due to the manual filling system, save them up to 10 years from the issue date in cloud, as per the new regulations. 


The solution for all your Business needs, mainly retailers.
Import and manage your invoicing. Import the invoice from the managerial system, save them in cloud up to 10 years and convert up to 50 from PDF to XML. The best solution for small enterprises accounting. 


The solution for Accountants to manage multiple client accounts.
Manage up to 30 clients accounts, import the invoices from the mangerial system and convert up 100 invoices from PDF to XML. You can save them up to 10 years from the issue date. 

Electronic Billing Guide

A step-by-step beginners' guide for your tool!

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The service can be subscribed by all customers who have a mobile contract (prepaid or postpaid), or fixed-line by Wind Tre Business. The customer will sign: the Wind Tre Business Contract Proposal for the Electronic Invoicing Service and the Contract Proposal relating to SIM Leonardo Mega U-Start, a data-only postpaid SIM card and for the Electronic Invoicing service at zero cost to the customer. The Leonardo Mega U-Start SIM card contract will only be used to link the payment method (SDD or Credit Card) and debit the monthly amounts for the Electronic Invoicing service every two months on telephone account. The Plus Plan provides a cap for importing 2,000 invoices from a management system; The Professional Plan includes a cap for importing 2,000 invoices from a management system and a receipt cap for 1,000 invoices. The service can be subscribed by the Wind Tre Business Customers with an active fixed or mobile line (different from the one with Leonardo Mega U-Start plan used to debit the service and signed at the same time as the Electronic Invoicing contract proposal). There is a 12-month contract with tacit renewal. The contract is signed by the customer confirming the explicit vision and acceptance of the contractual conditions. In the event of an early termination of the Electronic Invoicing contract or the deactivation of the Leonardo Mega U-Start SIM card, and in general in the event af cancellation of all fixed or mobile lines, (in addition to the Leonardo Mega U-Start used to debit the Electronic Invoicing service) all services will be deactivated. At any time, during the 12-month contract term, the user can deactivate the service by himselft by calling the Wind Tre Business call center at 1928. For assistance with the Electronic Invoicing service or for any administrative information, the customer can contact 1928 Customer Service.
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