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Simplicity made into a Mobile Wi-Fi, to browse comfortably at full speed.
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The perfect device to take your connection with you, anywhere, anytime.
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WebCube4 strengths

Our best seller specs
White knurled texture, contrast logo and compact construction give this modem a sober and discreet design, perfect to follow you everywhere.
All you have to do is to connect your WebCube4 to a power outlet and start browsing at full speed.

Find out how SUPER EVERYWHERE makes your job easier

Browse anywhere

From your office or on the move, with no limits and at top speed.

On any device

PC, smartphone or tablet: just connect your device to the router and start browsing.

Connection speed

Wi-Fi up to 300 Mb/s on 10 devices connected at a time.

Offer Info and Details

Thanks to WebCube4, you only need a power outlet to browse comfortably, wherever you are.
Pursuant to Italian regulation in force, professionals and VAT code holders are entitled to deduct business-related expenses incurred during the year.
Therefore, expenses incurred are recoverable and deductible for the purpose of determining corporate income.
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Promotions on the new activations are valid until October 20th, 2019. All plans include the usage of Internet and Intranet traffic occurred in Italy and the UE, in the two months considered, included in the internet.wind APN and Once the traffic reaches the 70GB of internet data usage the browsing speed will reach a reduced speed of 128 kb/s up to the end of the month. The international roaming traffic – excluding the UE traffic and the SMS, GSM, Data and Fax – has a pay-per-use value, according to the tariff plans underlined in the specific contract attachments and excluding the traffic included in the license fee.
One-off activation fee: The offer includes a one-off activation fee of 85 euro per each SIM card, divided in an initial fee of 5 euro and the second fee of 80 euro, which won’t be charged if the offer stays on for 24 months. In the alternative, the client can choose to pay everything is a single payment of 85 euro or an initial fee of 5 euro and the remaining sum in 24 fees in the following months. The last invoice will include the cost of the remaining fees.
If the offer includes a WebCube4 LTE the Internet traffic considered is only the one developed in Italy under GPRS UMTS, HSDPA and LTE coverage. GSM data and FAX traffic are to be excluded.
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