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Fixed-line Solutions for Professionals

The Fixed-line Offers for Professionals provide calls and high speed internet browsing.
Stay in touch with your clients wherever they are, even in Europe and in the United States. Get the high speed internet browsing through the fiber and ADSL offers.
Choose among the single-line and multi-line solutions and enjoy an easy and convenient work experience.
The fixed-line solutions for Professionals to call clients in Europe and United States and browse online at high speed, through the FIBER and ADSL technology.
agcom fibra

FIBRA 1000

The Single-line offer for PROFESSIONALS, including 1 Gb/s Fiber and Unlimited Calls.

agcom fibra


The double line office offer, to increase productivity and the communication channels with your clients.
Browse online with the FIBER connection, up to a 1Gb/s speed.
Unlimited minutes
Available for you unlimited calls to italian and european numbers, including Canada, Switzerland and United States.
Qualified Technician
An expert assistance for the free of charge modem installation and the line set up.
agcom misto fibra rame


The internet only Broadband solution including a static IP for the office.

Any more doubts on the Fixed Line Solution suited for you?

Are you looking for the best solution for your business? Do you need a single-line solution and an internet connection? With unlimited calls and a high speed connection you'll be able to work easily and efficiently, always. 

Are you working with one or more people? You need more than two lines for your business? This is the solution for you! With a fiber speed up to 1Gb/s you'll be able to be as fast as your clients and meet their needs without any delays or errors. 

Only Internet Connection
Do you need to browse fast? Are you looking for an internet connection that also provides you a static IP address? Wind Tre Business has thought of your every need and offers you a Data Only offer, perfect to chase the hectic pace of the business!
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