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ADSL and FTTC Internet-only solutions with static IP address for your office.

  • FTTC 200
per month
  • FTTC 200


up to 200 Mb/s


included in the offer




free of charge



Offer in FTTC, where not available you can activate the Office Data ADSL20 offer instead, with the ADSL technology, which offers a browsing speed up to 20 Mb/s at the same price.
  • FTTC 200 | 30€

Why should you choose the OFFICEDATA solutions?

OfficeData is the range of single-line Internet solutions designed for professionals who look for high-speed internet from the office.
On OFFICEDATA you can browse at 200Mbps and have a static IP address included.

OFFICEDATA delivers a lot of benefits: enhanced security, and secured remote connection via the internet.


Included in the wide range of Office's offers, you'll also find the Secure Web service included.
A powerful and strong in Cloud antivirus granting you the best protection for your data and those of your clients, providing also an effective anti-phishing service and a safe online browsing safe on all of your devices.

Services to make your business grow

Choose the one that suits your needs best and add it to your basic plan
Create your online website.
Plenty of themes you can choose from, SEO tools and linking with your social media accounts to get your business in the spotlight.
Your business accounting is now digital! Issue, receive and archive your invoices in an electronic format.
Were you looking for a different offer? Find out more about the Fixed-line Solutions for Professionals in out catalogue!
Bills are issued on a two-month basis.
Internet speed on ADLS is up to 20 Mb and it is the highest speed capacity: actual speed depends on network coverage, network and device type, and it can be affected by internet congestion.
Internet speed on FTTC is up to 200 Mb on downloading and 20 Mb/s on uploading. Guaranteed minimum bandwidth is 1 Mb/s on downloading and uploading and it is the widest bandwidth capacity: actual one depends on network coverage, network and device type, and it can be affected by internet congestion.
An 80 Euro activation fee is charged per plan line. The Client can benefit from a 100% discount on the activation fee if it keeps the service active for at least 24 months. On the contrary, the activation fee is charged on the final bill.
On ADSL and FTTC connection, a Wi-Fi modem is mandatorily supplied; the relevant cost is paid per month at 0 euro per month, for 24 months following plan activation. In case of plan deactivation before the aforementioned 24 months have elapsed, the following amounts are charged on the final bill: 96 Euros per ADSL modem and FTTC modem.In the event of termination of the service, a one-off contribution of an amount equal to the minimum value got between the value of the contract and the real costs incurred by Wind Tre for the management of the matter, according to the general terms and conditions.

SECURE WEB is an integrated Wind Tre Business line service, able to prevent the greatest IT threats as well as: “phishing”, “botnet” and “ransomware”. Functions such as anti-phishing and malware containment will be integrated in the Wind Tre line, without the need of a specific hardware or installation of a software on devices. The SECURE WEB option is included in the OFFICE portfolio for the fixed-line services at 5 euro per for the first 12 months. There is no need of any activation fee or termination fee. After the twelve month initial period the service will be automatically renewed, or less of a contract termination by contacting the 1928. Secure Web is a security service on a DNS (Domain Name System) operating cloud platform, providing the first defense line against threats online by blocking the access requests towards malicious contents before the contact to the page is established. The service verifies the trustworthiness or the security of a website you want to access: if the access request is made towards a landing page considered potentially dangerous by the SECURE WEB service of Wind Tre Business then the access towards the said page will be denied to the client by replacing the content with a defined message (the standard block page) with information regarding the action just concluded by the service itself. In order to access the blocked page, therefore deactivating the SECURE WEB service, the client needs to call 1928. Wind Tre does not guarantee that the SECURE WEB service will provide the security and absolute protection against cyber attacks (malware, phishing) since new technologies are constantly developed to access and attack files, data, endpoints. Wind Tre does not guarantee that the SECURE WEB in Cloud service will be able to protect all of your files, data and endpoints from all malware, viruses and malicious attacks from outside parties, but the level and the development of the technologies used contribute substantially to reduce the level of exposition towards such threats. 
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