We are constantly surrounded by digital devices in our working lives: computers, tablets and smartphones. It's easy to use a laptop in the office but it's not comfortable to work with while on the move. If you need to travel frequently a smartphone is the best device, essential to make calls, meetings and check emails. That is the reason why it's fundamental to defend your device against both damages and theft, both among the main reasons to buy a new smartphone. The KASKO service makes it easier and inexpensive.

Pick the best KASKO service for your needs

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All the perks of the KASKO service

Your number one tool to defend your Business at best
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One device replacement every 12 months
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In 2 days time from the request fowarding
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Including optional protection against theft

The more common damages covered by the service

Screen cracks

Usually caused by a major blow or a fall, it makes it difficult to check images and presentations.

Broken camera

A fundamental issue since it prevents any possibility of scanning docs, making videocalls or just take pictures.

Water damage

The general functions of a smartphone are greatly compromised by any contact with liquids.

Touchscreen unresponsive

Often caused by a long exposure to eccessive hot or cold enviroments, including accidental scratches.

Microphone not working

The complete or partial damage of the microphone might compromise calls and meetings both.

Speakers damage

Main obstacle in reproducing audio and video files, including Skype calls and conference calls.

How to activate the KASKO service

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At the same moment of the device purchase
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CALL 1928
If necessary, call technical assistance to request the replacement or reinstatement of the product
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Wait for a call from the logistics operator to make an appointment when it is most convenient for you
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Collect the new product on site, returning the damaged one at the same time

Are you looking for a new Smartphone?

Check the rich WINDTRE BUSINESS catalogue
The KASKO service is available for all the catalogue devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Mobile Wi-Fi and Work&Life acessories) sold in combination with the mobile offer WINDTRE BUSINESS and has to be subscribed at the same time of the purchase of the above mentioned products. 
Request a new device is really easy: it's enough to call 1928, the technical Support is active 24/7. More precisely for the restoration request in the event of a device theft, the client should send an email to the email adress CustomerCareWindTreBusiness@pec.windtre.it with a copy of the report of the local Authorities, a copy of the following form for the Restoration request in case of theft and a copy of a document of the Client.
Sure! If you'd like to deactivate the service for your device protection, it will be enough to call 1928 and speak to the Customer Service. 
The activation fee for the clients subscribing the KASKO service is of 40 euro or 60 euro for the Premium KASKO service. In both cases, the price is 0 euro for the clients keeping the service active for 30 months. 
In the 30 months of the contract duration a replacement of the device can be made once every 12 months, therefore if a replacement has been already called upon in the time frame, it will be necessary to wait once again the new timeline to require a replacement of the device, with the exception of damages considered under the Standard Legal Guarantuee. 
The only damages excluded from the service are the ones referred to any malicious act or gross negligence of the Client.
An intervention cost of 20% of the list price of the device, net of VAT, is foreseen for replacement in the event of accidental damage.
There is an intervention cost of 40% of the list price of the device net of VAT for reintegration in case of theft.
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