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Combine FIXED-LINE and MOBILE solution to reduce costs

The OfficeShare offer combines the best Wind Tre Business fixed-line and mobile offers to save on the overall cost of the monthly fee of your bill. You'll get a complete solution to call, browse and send TEXTS from your office or while on the move. A fixed and mobile solution all included ideal for those in need of a 24/7 connection with their clients, partner and suppliers.

Find out the fixed plus mobile solutions to combine

UP TO 1Gb/s
If you combine a fixed-line solution with a mobile one, you get a comprehensive solution to give
your business reliable and fast internet connection and sharing.

Secure Web: Defend your Business

The Office Plus and Office Maxi solutions include the innovative Secure Web service. 
A strong and powerful in Cloud defence granting you the best protection for your data and those of your clients, providing also an effective anti-phishing service and a safe online browsing safe on all of your devices.
Discover the Fixed-line offers: OFFICE
Discover the Mobile offers: MYSHARE e SMARTSHARE

Offer Info and Details

Your working life will get easier with a fixed-line and mobile integrated offer. You won't need to speak to multiple telephone operators: your offer will be a complete package. You'll also save on the overall cost of the plan and will have the opportunity to subscribe one of the included offers without links to the other. All with the maximum flexibilty, easily!
Of course you can! If you chose, for example, the MYSHARE offer you can switch from a certain amount of data to another without any trouble at all. Also, if you want to switch from MYSHARE to SMARTSHARE, as well, you can do so easily. 
For ADSL, the cables used for the data transmission are made completely of copper. The browsing speed in ADSL connectivity is up to 20 Mb and is the highest available.

FTTC is the connection made by optical fiber cables to the cabinet; the modem device is connected directly with a copper cable. The upload speed is up to 20 Mb/s and up to 200 Mb/s for downloads, with a minimum band of 1 Mb/s guaranteed.

The FTTH fiber is the optical fiber technology that is currently the most efficient on the market; unlike the FTTC technology, the modem device is connected directly with an optical fiber cable (not made of copper). The browsing speed with the FTTH fiber connectivity is up to 1 Gb/s in download and up to 200 Mb/s in upload, with a minimum band of 50 Mb/s guaranteed in download and of 5 Mb/s in upload.

The actual available speed will be determined only once the activation of the service is complete and are subject anyway to the distance of the cabinet, the level of the network activity, the Wi-Fi usage and the number and type of connected devices.

Find out more on the connectivity technologies in the Network Architecture detailed page.
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The OfficeShare promotion is valid for customers who subscribe to one of the OFFICEPLUS and OFFICEMAXI fixed-line telephone service offers together with the 500, Unlimited and/or MYUNLIMITED mobile tariff plans. A discount of 5 euro will be applied to OFFICEPLUS tariff plan and a discount of 10 euro per month will be applied to the OFFICEMAXI fixed-line offer; additionally, a discount of 5 euro per month will be applied to the Unlimited and MYUNLIMITED mobile price lists. All the discounts will be applicable subject to both the fixed-line and mobile components of the services remaining active with the offers indicated. The discounts envisaged by OFFICESHARE are valid for a maximum of 20 SIMs and up to 3 phone lines per customer. The Customer loses their right to the discount in case of withdrawal from one of the fixed-line or mobile plans, failure to activate the plan for reasons attributable to the Customer or a change of plan to a different fixed line or mobile plan from those indicated above. In case of withdrawal from the contract for the fixed line or mobile telephone service offer, failure to activate the plan for reasons attributable to the Customer or a change of plan to a different one from that envisaged by the offer, the customer will be charged the full or promotional price in force for the offer which has remained active. The OFFICESHARE promotion will be valid subject to at least 1 phone line of the OFFICE portfolio and 1 mobile line of the GIGASHARE portfolio remaining active. The duration of the contract is 24 months for both components with effect from the date on which the contract for the OFFICESHARE service is signed. In case of deactivation before the term of 24 months has ended, the following costs will be charged to each customer for the purpose of realignment with the conditions of the contract: between the 1st and 12th month, a cost equal to 250 euro will be charged and between the 13th and 24th month, a cost equal to 150 euro will be charged.
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