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Why should you choose SUPER GIGA UNLIMITED for your Business?

Are you looking for a Data Only offer? For you there is SUPER GIGA UNLIMITED: the offer with unlimited GIGA can be purchased in combination with SUPER UNLIMITED or SUPER UNLIMITED + and allows you to add an additional SIM with unlimited GIGA to your Voice and Data package. Browse, participate in videocalls and follow online seminars, wherever, whenever you want, without limits.

Don't settle: Be flexible to be even more successful

Starting from24,99per month
Unlimited minutes, unlimited gigabytes, 500 SMS and additional 20GB for use in EU countries.
The solution for companies that need to use their SIMs freely, in Italy and abroad.
Business trip? Discover the new Giga Mondo + option: 5 giga to be used in the main 20 non-European countries.
Browse wherever you are, the speed of the WINDTRE BUSINESS network always with you.
starting from3,99per month
A tablet with an elegant and practical design. The large 10.4 "display and four speakers promise powerful Dolby Atmos surround sound.
Discover the entire device catalogue: smartpone and tablet, to use in the office and on the move.

Offer Info and Details

Unfortunately no, you cannot subscribe the SUPER GIGA UNLIMITED solution without subscribing as well the SUPER UNLIMITED + or SUPER UNLIMITED offer.
You can pick as many SUPER GIGA UNLIMITED offers you like, as long as there is an equal number of activations for the SUPER UNLIMITED and/or SUPER UNLIMITED + offer.
The offer provides a high DATA bundle at a competitive price for those who need to browse online.
Enabling 5G is automatic on new activations of compatible price lists. To navigate in 5G it is necessary to have a compatible price list and devices and to be in areas covered by 5G.

Useful information


For the mobile network:
Fastest mobile network in Italy based on Ookla® analysis of Speedtest Intelligence® data, from January to June 2020. WINDTRE achieved a speed score of 43.92, with an average speed of 44.43 Mbps and an average speed of 13.15 Mbps. Ookla used under license and published with permission. Find out more at

Measurements detected by the independent company umlaut (formerly P3) in Italy from October to December 2019. The tests carried out measured the quality of the mobile voice and data service. More information available on

For the fixed network:
Measurements detected by the independent company nPerf in Italy throughout 2019. The tests carried out measured the quality and performance of the fixed Internet service. More information available on
OOKLA: E' la società che gestisce lo Speedtest®, è il leader globale nelle applicazioni di test, dati e analisi di reti mobili e a banda larga fissa. Oltre dieci milioni di test vengono attivamente effettuati dai consumatori ogni giorno su tutte le piattaforme Speedtest. Sono oltre 30 miliardi i test completati fino ad oggi. Di conseguenza, Ookla dispone delle analisi più complete sulle prestazioni e l'accessibilità di Internet in tutto il mondo. Le soluzioni Ookla sono state adottate da un numero significativo di fornitori di servizi Internet e operatori di telefonia mobile in tutto il mondo e sono state tradotte in oltre 30 lingue per essere utilizzate da migliaia di aziende, governi, università e organizzazioni commerciali. La sede di Ookla si trova a Seattle, WA, con altri uffici a Dublino, in Irlanda. Ulteriori informazioni su 

umlaut: E’ una società globale, intersettoriale che offre servizi di consulenza in tutto il mondo e presenta 4.300 esperti e ingegneri specializzati. I benchmark (analisi comparative) di umlaut sono riconosciuti ed apprezzati nel mondo delle telecomunicazioni come un vero e proprio standard. Ad oggi oltre 200 reti mobili in oltre 120 paesi vengono valutate con la metodologia di umlaut, con lo scopo di analizzare in modo equo e trasparente la qualità e le prestazioni delle reti mobili, e di incentivare il miglioramento della user experience di ogni cliente grazie a specifici parametri di riferimento.

nPerf: E’ una società che mira ad aiutare gli utenti a misurare la qualità della connessione Internet. Un test di velocità, per quanto potente, non è sufficiente per caratterizzare la qualità di una connessione Internet. Questo è il motivo per cui abbiamo deciso di sviluppare un nuovo modo di testare la connessione Internet in pochi secondi, attraverso un nuovo processo che è molto simile al modo in cui navighi su Internet. Scarica anche tu l’app nPerf e testa la tua connessione!
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SUPER GIGA UNLIMITED, offers every month unlimited GB in Italy and 10 GB in the EU at a cost of 10 € / month; it can only be subscribed in conjunction with a SUPER UNLIMITED or SUPER UNLIMITED PLUS rechargeable Voice SIM. In case of withdrawal of the SUPER UNLIMITED / SUPER UNLIMITED PLUS SIM, the monthly fee of the SUPER GIGA UNLIMITED tariff plan will be equal to 20 € / month. The plan includes in the monthly fee Internet and Intranet traffic developed in Italy and in the EU, in the two months of reference, through the APN Internet traffic in Italy is unlimited unless the service is used contrary to the criteria of good faith and fairness, for purposes other than use for personal purposes and for carrying out massive communication activities in accordance with the General Conditions of Contract relating to the services of WINDTRE telecommunications. WINDTRE, if it finds a non-compliant use of the Service or findings of behavior relating to abnormal volumes of traffic and / or in violation of the conditions of use of the Service for personal purposes, reserves the right before suspending the Service, in whole or in part and with adequate notice, and subsequently also to deactivate it. For further details, please refer to Art. 6 of the General Contract Conditions available on the website. Once the internet traffic bundle available in the EU is exhausted, the maximum download speed will be 128 Kbps until the end of the reference calendar month. International roaming traffic with the exception of EU traffic and SMS, GSM, Data and Fax traffic is valued according to consumption according to the tariff conditions set out in the specific contractual attachments and is excluded from the traffic included in the fee. The contractual duration is 24 months. The Offer has an activation cost of € 85; the Customer can choose, at the time of activation, whether to pay the 85 euros in a single solution or pay a fee of 10 € (instead of 85 €); the remaining 80 € will not be charged with SIM / active offer for the entire contractual duration (24 months). In case of early withdrawal before 24 months, the portion of the value of the remaining 80 € will be charged in proportion to the remaining time (value corresponding to the months of non-stay).
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