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in Italy and EU
in Italy and EU
in Italy and EU
in Italy and EU

SUPER SMART hides nothing: you pay exactly the price you see

Find out more on the advantages of a transparent solution


Protect yourself from extra charges of services you do not want


Calling and browsing online even with a 0€ balance


Voicemail and "Ti ho cercato" services already included

Find out how flexible SUPER SMART can be

Enrich your custom offer by adding a service, a smartphone and an option to call abroad
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If 5GB are not enough, double them! The 5GB of DATA option provides 5 more GB at only 3€ per month!FIND OUT MORE
Combine SUPER SMART with a fixed-line offer and save on the monthly fee.FIND OUT MORE
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Frequent traveller? The Weekly Options are the right solution for you: a shield against the expensive roaming costs abroad.FIND OUT MORE
Discover the rich tablet catalogue: pick the color, the display size and the capacity suitable for your Business.FIND OUT MORE
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The international solutions to call abroad from Italy at convenient rates.FIND OUT MORE
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Info and Details

In the case 5GB are not enough, you can easily double your available DATA at only X€ per month. The solution will allow you to browse with 10GB per month and not just 5GB.
Fear not! You can use your available DATA both in Italy and in Europe.
Unfortunately, no. Switzerland is not one of the countries of the European Union. To avoid any unexpected roaming costs, please activate one of the Abroad Options.
Worry not: transparency is our number one goal. You'll pay the cost of the offer and nothing more.

Offer Info and Details

The Options from Italy will allow you to call countries worldwide, since they are all included in the Option.
No, the Options aren't active on your SIM.
You can combine the options for abroad with your basic UNLIMITED BUSINESS, UNLIMITED 5 or MYUNLIMITED offers to reduce costs for outbound calls and navigation from Italy.
When you exceed the CAP of included minutes, voice traffic, internet and sms will be priced according to international base rates that you can find on our page: All Inclusive Rates.
No, the Options packages are valid only for calls and SMS from Italy to Abroad.
Were you looking for another offer? Find out more on the Business Mobile Offers in our catalogue!
Promotions on the new activations are valid until April 19th, 2020.
SUPER SMART provides each month 5GB of DATA in Italy and in EU, unlimited minutes and 50 texts available in Italy and EU at a monthly cost of 19,99 euro. The calls included in the bundle are paid per second; once the limit of the traffic included in the price list is exceeded the rates will the standard ones. The included internet traffic is the Internet and WAp one, developed in Italy and EU under LTE, HSDPA, EDGE UMTS coverage and GPRS trough APN Are excluded and therefore considered according to the tariff plan active on the SIM card the International Roaming Internet traffic of the EU countries, the Intranet traffic, the data calls and FAX and GSM data. The contract duration is of 24 months. 
One-off activation fee: The offer includes a one-off activation fee of 90 euro per each SIM card, divided in an initial fee of 10 euro and the second fee of 80 euro, which won’t be charged if the offer stays on for 24 months. In the alternative, the client can choose to pay everything is a single payment of 90 euro or an initial fee of 10 euro and the remaining sum in 24 fees in the following months. 
The included traffic does not refer to the alert, entertainment and informative texts, the voice and text traffic used on international roaming or towards abroad operators, with the exception of the traffic in the EU countries. Once exceeded the limit of the included traffic, the rates applied will be of 10 cent/text towards all the national telco operators, 20 cent/mms towards all. For the offers including unlimited minute and DATA their unlimited status is assured unless the good faith and correctness of their use is violated by a usage different from personal or business use for mass communication purposes, as stated in the General Contract Conditions for the telecommunication sector by WindTre. The usage of national offers in EU countries without any additional costs is guaranteed only for occasional travels and in compliance to the European Regulation 2016/2286 in order to prevent abuse an abnormal usage and to assure the economic support of the offer itself in its entirety. Inappropriate usage will involve the according to surplus rates and other measures to protect the operator, as per Regulation. More details on how to use properly the offers and the according to fines will be shared with the clients promptly. For any further clarification and major details check the General Contract Conditions on the webside. The SUPER UNLIMITED offer activation is connected to the automatic top-up system activation and the positive outcome of the background check to prevent frauds by WINDTRE Business S.p.A. The automatic top-up is already active for a sum of 10 euro, but there is also a chance to choose a time top-up as an alternative. The following choice can be later altered according to the auto top-up regulations, technical and economical, available by operators when calling 1928. All the rates are to be considered VAT excluded. 
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