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Increase your business sales.
The Marketing Office for those who do not have it!

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Movylo, Inc. is a company with distributors on 3 continents and thousands of customers.
Movylo helps you grow your customer list and sell more, both in-store and online.
Movylo allows you to promote your business in the digital and social world.
The Marketing Automation service for your business
Movylo is a Marketing Automation solution, specifically for Customer Engagement activity that helps you to retain customers, promote yourself in automatic mode and increase sales in store & online.
Movylo caters to "local" businesses (shops, restaurants, beauty salons, ...), which usually do not have time/familiarity to use computer tools.

Why you need Movylo

Every company and business needs to make itself known and promote itself in the digital and social world. You need Movylo because it allows you to do what the marketing department of a company does, without being an expert.
Movylo will help you to send targeted and personalised messages to your customers, to make them come back to your shop or online more often. And it does it without you having to do anything, thanks to autopilot. And if that sounds complicated, the Movylo FULL plan includes a monthly call from a consultant to work with you.

Discover our offer:

Automatic creation of customer list and management via dedicated CRM.
New Customers
Tools to find new customers in the shop and via Facebook.
Tools to create and plan promotions and offers and send them to your customers.
Marketing automation
to run Movylo’s engine automatically every day.
Tools for getting paid in the shop and selling online.
Mobile App
To enter new promotions and have them displayed to customers on the move.
Discover the available packages
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Up to 1.000 customers
CRM: Client list management
Welcome call
per month


Up to 1.000 customers
CRM: Client list management
Monthly counseling call
The service can be subscribed by all customers who have a mobile contract, rechargeable and / or subscription, or fixed WINDTRE BUSINESS. To activate the Movylo packages, the customer will sign: the WINDTRE BUSINESS Contract Proposal for the Movylo service chosen by the customer and the Contract Proposal for the SIM Leonardo Mega U-Start, data-only SIM subscription and associated with the Movylo service at no cost to the customer. The contract for the SIM Leonardo Mega U-Start will serve only to hook the method of payment (SDD or Credit Card) and charge the amounts provided for the Movylo service on the bimonthly telephone account. The service can be subscribed by existing WINDTRE BUSINESS customers with an active fixed or mobile line (other than the Leonardo Mega U-Start plan used to charge the service and signed at the same time as the Movylo contract proposal). The contract is signed by the customer by viewing and explicitly accepting the contractual conditions. The service has a contractual duration of 12 months. The contract shall be considered tacitly renewed at the expiry date for a further period of 12 months, unless the contract is terminated, to be communicated by registered letter with return receipt enclosing a copy of a valid identification document or by Pec to be sent to the e-mail address or by calling 1928 free of charge. In case of termination of the Movylo contract or deactivation of the Leonardo Mega U-Start SIM card, and in general in case the customer terminates all fixed or mobile lines, (other than the Leonardo Mega U-Start used to charge Movylo) all services will be deactivated.
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