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Update your Company's security according to the New Data Protection Regulation.

Easy and intuitive procedures with a team of experts
In-depth analysis of each and every one of the risk areas
Custom packages according to the needs of your business

Being compliant to the GDPR is finally so much easier!

Starting from May 25th, 2018 the European Commission has implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the privacy of people in the European Union. It has become extremely important to veirfy your Business compliance, both for the data protection and to avoid major fines. 
To allow your business to identify the best solutions to respond promptly to the requirements imposed by the Regulation, WINDTRE BUSINESS has selected a unique partner: altuofianco. Ideal for those who want to be up to date with the new GDPR, through the support of experts, and at the same time focus on Digital Transformation, improving processes, performance and security.


Always in row
with the Privacy Policy.

The required steps to become compliant:

to evaluate the compliance levels
and mapping of the required actions
customized according to specific needs


myGDPR includes an online service joint to a on-the-phone tutoring helping the customer, step by step, in the compilation of a Questionnaire for the mapping of the levels of conformity to the GDPR. The process allows to operate in complete autonomy, helping the customer in the identification of the necessary data and documentation.
The assisted telematic process allows an optimization in both time and costs, and will also act as a training opportunity for the entire business to fully understand today's adaptation processes.


Once you've completed the questionnaire, you will receive aGap Analysis with the technological and organizational areas that do not comply with the GDPR regulations (including Data Processing, Data Management, Information, Users Rights, Governance Structure, Protection of Data, Data Protection Impact Analysis, Privacy By Design). Our consultants will then explain to you all the details of the report for an easy understanding of each element and will be available to answer all your questions.


Privacy Consultant
Actions on Company Organizational Processes, providing of a Customized Privacy Manual.
Data Protection Officer (DPO)
2 audits per year from a consultant, expert in the GDPR company policies.
Video Tutoring
E-Learning service with training modules for employees on topics such as GDPR legislative provisions and much more.
The service can be subscribed by all customers with a mobile contract (prepaid or postpaid), or fixed-line offer with WINDTRE BUSINESS. The customer have to sign: the WINDTRE BUSINESS Proposal for the myGDPR service - Entry Pack or Plan of Intervention - and the Contract Proposal relating to the SIM Leonardo Mega U-Start, a SIM card used only for the subscription and for the myGDPR service costs - Entry Pack or Plan of Intervention - without direct costs on the customer. The Leonardo Mega U-Start SIM card contract will only be used to link the payment method (SDD or Credit Card) and debit the amounts envisaged for the myGDPR service - Entry Pack or Intervention Plan - to the telephone account every two months. The service can be subscribed by the WINDTRE BUSINESS customers with active fixed or mobile line (different from the one with Leonardo Mega U-Start plan used to debit the service and signed at the same time as the myGDPR - Entry Pack or Plan of Intervention). There is a 12-month contract without an authomatic renewal. The contract has do be signed by the customer by explicit vision and acceptance of the contractual conditions. In the event of termination of the myGDPR - Entry Pack or Intervention Plan - or the deactivation of the Leonardo Mega U-Start SIM card, and generally in the event of the termination of all fixed or mobile lines, (in addition to the Leonardo Mega U- Start used to debit myGDPR - Entry Pack or Plan of Intervention) all services will be deactivated. At any time during the 12-month contract term, the user can deactivate the service by himself by calling the WINDTRE BUSINESS call center at 1928. To get support for the myGDPR service or administrative support, the customer can reach the Customer Service at 1928. 
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