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A wide range of custom services designed for the digital evolution of your company.

A team of experts to guide you in the best strategy definition
A rich catalogue of many customizable devices
The best tools helping your online showcase

Winning strategies and revolutionary services

Web Consultant, the service supporting you in the digital transformation of your company, will help you get the best custom solution to answer all of your needs.
Create your website if you don't have one or optimize the one already existing in order to improve its search engines positioning, create and manage social media profiles, complete your Google My Business tab, and even support in uploading your entire catalogue into the Amazon Marketplace: your business will be always prepared to all the challenges of the contemporary digital market. 


Enhance your company's
online presence

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The service can be subscribed by all the clients having already a Wind Tre Business mobile, prepaid or postpaid, contract or a fixed-line contract. To activate the Web Consultant Services the client will sign: the Contract Proposal Wind Tre Business for the Web Consultant service the client selected and the Contract Proposal for the Leonardo Mega U-Start SIM, data-only postpaid SIM and combines to the Web Consultant service without additional costs for the client. The contract for the Leonardo Mega U-Start SIM is required uniquely to provide a payment method (SDD or Credit Card) and charge the planned sum for the Web Consultant service on your telephone bill every two months. The service can be subscribed by Wind Tre Business clients with an active fixed or mobile line (a different one from the one with Leonardo Mega U-Start plan used for the charge of the service fee and subscribed at the same time of the Web Consultant contract proposition). The service duration variates accordingly to the service typology. Local Presence, Website, Website Plus and Market Place: 24 months; Social: 3 months. The contract will be subscribed through the explicit aknowledgment and acceptance of the General Contract Conditions. In the case of the Web Consultant contract termination or the Leonardo Mega U-Start SIM deactivation, and generally in case the client ceases all the fixed and mobile lines, (besides the Leonardo Mega U-Start used for the charging of the Web Consultant services) all the services, including the ones associated to the domain, will be terminated. 
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