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The internet only solutions with ADSL and FTTC technology and a static IP for the office.

per month
  • FTTC 200
  • FTTC 200


up to 200 Mb/s







Offer in FTTC, where not available you can activate the Office Data ADSL20 offer instead, with the ADSL technology, which offers a browsing speed up to 20 Mb/s at the same price. Find out more.

Why should you choose OFFICEDATA for your business?

OfficeData is the single line range of Internet solutions, tailored on your business needs. You'll be able to browse the internet from your office at a high speed. 
The WINDTRE BUSINESS connectivity will give you access to browsing speed up to 200 Mbp per second and the static IP is an additional perk of the solution as well. 

The advantages of the solution are many: you'll be able to provide even more protection to your security problems, by accessing remotely your associated terminal, by simply connecting your device to the web.
You'll also be able to create and then set a local Web server or an FTP server, improving the data and information sharing inside your company.
one included in the solution
billing every two month


Included you'll also find the SECURE WEB service. 
A strong and powerful in Cloud defence granting you the best protection for your data and those of your clients, providing also an effective anti-phishing service and a safe online browsing safe on all of your devices.

Offer Info and Details

The una-tantum activation fee is of 120 euro can be paid with:
  • a single installment in the first invoice
  • 5€/month for 24 months If the
Clients terminates the contract before the payment of the last installment of the activation fee, the Client will have to pay, in a single installment or more fees with the same time gap and same payment method, for all the remaining fees.

Useful information


For the mobile network:
Fastest mobile network in Italy based on Ookla® analysis of Speedtest Intelligence® data, from January to June 2020. WINDTRE achieved a speed score of 43.92, with an average speed of 44.43 Mbps and an average speed of 13.15 Mbps. Ookla used under license and published with permission. Find out more at

Measurements detected by the independent company umlaut (formerly P3) in Italy from October to December 2019. The tests carried out measured the quality of the mobile voice and data service. More information available on

For the fixed network:
Measurements detected by the independent company nPerf in Italy throughout 2019. The tests carried out measured the quality and performance of the fixed Internet service. More information available on
OOKLA: E' la società che gestisce lo Speedtest®, è il leader globale nelle applicazioni di test, dati e analisi di reti mobili e a banda larga fissa. Oltre dieci milioni di test vengono attivamente effettuati dai consumatori ogni giorno su tutte le piattaforme Speedtest. Sono oltre 30 miliardi i test completati fino ad oggi. Di conseguenza, Ookla dispone delle analisi più complete sulle prestazioni e l'accessibilità di Internet in tutto il mondo. Le soluzioni Ookla sono state adottate da un numero significativo di fornitori di servizi Internet e operatori di telefonia mobile in tutto il mondo e sono state tradotte in oltre 30 lingue per essere utilizzate da migliaia di aziende, governi, università e organizzazioni commerciali. La sede di Ookla si trova a Seattle, WA, con altri uffici a Dublino, in Irlanda. Ulteriori informazioni su 

umlaut: E’ una società globale, intersettoriale che offre servizi di consulenza in tutto il mondo e presenta 4.300 esperti e ingegneri specializzati. I benchmark (analisi comparative) di umlaut sono riconosciuti ed apprezzati nel mondo delle telecomunicazioni come un vero e proprio standard. Ad oggi oltre 200 reti mobili in oltre 120 paesi vengono valutate con la metodologia di umlaut, con lo scopo di analizzare in modo equo e trasparente la qualità e le prestazioni delle reti mobili, e di incentivare il miglioramento della user experience di ogni cliente grazie a specifici parametri di riferimento.

nPerf: E’ una società che mira ad aiutare gli utenti a misurare la qualità della connessione Internet. Un test di velocità, per quanto potente, non è sufficiente per caratterizzare la qualità di una connessione Internet. Questo è il motivo per cui abbiamo deciso di sviluppare un nuovo modo di testare la connessione Internet in pochi secondi, attraverso un nuovo processo che è molto simile al modo in cui navighi su Internet. Scarica anche tu l’app nPerf e testa la tua connessione!
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Billing is bimonthly. The surfing speed in ADSL connectivity is up to 20 MEGA and is the maximum achievable: the actual speed depends on the level of coverage, the degree of congestion, the type of network and the type of device used. The browsing speed in FTTC connectivity is up to 200 MEGA in download and 20 Mb / s in upload with minimum guaranteed bandwidth of 1 Mb / s in download and upload and is the maximum achievable: the actual one depends on the level of coverage, congestion, the type of network and the type of device used. There is an activation fee of 120 euros which can be paid: 1) in a single solution with a charge on the first invoice; 2) 5 euros per month for 24 months. In case of withdrawal before 24 months, the customer can choose to continue to enjoy the installment plan or to pay the remaining installments in a single solution. In the case of ADSL and FTTC connectivity, a wi-fi modem is provided for sale in installments at a cost of 4 euros / month for 24 months. These installments will not be charged with an active offer for the entire contractual duration (24 months). In the event of early withdrawal, the remaining installments will be charged, only and exclusively, which the customer can choose to continue to pay in installments or in a single solution. In the event of termination of the service, a one-off contribution is provided for an amount equal to the minimum value between the value of the contract and the actual costs incurred by WINDTRE for the management of the file, as specified in the Economic Technical Annex of the contract.

  SECURE WEB is an integrated service in the WINDTRE network, able to prevent the most widespread computer threats such as "phishing", "botnet" and "ransomware". Features such as anti-phishing and malware containment will be integrated into the WINDTRE network, without the need for specific hardware or software installation on their devices. The SECURE WEB option is included by default within the OFFICE portfolio services at a cost of 5 euros per month for 12 months. There is no activation or deactivation fee. At the end of the 12th month the service foresees automatic renewal, unless a withdrawal by contact in 1928. SECURE WEB is the security service on a cloud platform that operates at DNS (Domain Name System) level and provides the first line defense against Internet threats by blocking access requests to malicious destinations before the connection is established. The service checks the reliability or security of the site you want to access: if the access request is made to a destination deemed potentially dangerous by the SECURE WEB service of WINDTRE BUSINESS, the customer will be inhibited from accessing that destination by replacing the requested content with a message (appropriate block page) with an information for the customer of the protection action. For any request for access to the blocked page or the deactivation of the SECURE WEB service, it is necessary to call 1928. WINDTRE does not guarantee that the SECURE WEB service provides security and absolute protection from cyber attacks (malware, phising) due to continuous development of new technologies for intrusion and attack on files, networks, endpoints. WINDTRE does not guarantee that the SECURE WEB Cloud service will protect all files, networks and endpoints from all malware, viruses and malicious attacks from third parties, but the level and development of the technologies used contribute significantly to reducing the level of exposure. to these threats.
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