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A new way to communicate: combine this option to one of the Office-Offers to take advantage of every job opportunity!

communicate, share, simplify
join the meeting
from any device
your office with you
anytime, anywhere
directly in your office by
a specialized technician
specialized at 1928

Why OFFICE SMART for your business?

Office Smart is the turnkey solution for managing corporate communication in and out of the office in the most efficient way. The option, based on the concept of Virtual PBX, uses an innovative solution that improves the efficiency of your Business. The Unified Communication functionalities make easier the everyday work, combining traditional telephony functions and advanced features typical of a technologically advanced environment.


Manage your calls from mobile and not.


Your working days towards the future.


Many devices, a single communication.
How does it work?


Take your office with you,
wherever you go!
needs and
necessities of
your company
one of the
single-line or
multi-line offer
the Office Smart
option that best suits
with your needs
in an efficient way
the communication
of your company

Decide which internal combine to the Office Smart solution

Included Services
Extra Services
- Unlimited minutes to national landlines
- Unlimited minutes to EU, Switzerland, USA and Canada landlines
- Call transfers
- Call waiting
- Voice mail
per month
Standard Internal +
- Internal multi device (smartphone, desktop and IPPhone)
- Enabling My Conference
- My Conference
per month
Included Services
- Unlimited minutes to national landlines<br /> - Unlimited minutes to EU, Switzerland, USA and Canada landlines<br /> - Call transfers<br /> - Call waiting<br /> - Voice mail
Extra Services
per month
Included Services
Standard Internal +<br /> - Internal multi device (smartphone, desktop and IPPhone)<br /> - Enabling My Conference
Extra Services
- My Conference
per month


Share the OfficeSmart functions in all company locations.
My Conference
Use your digital meeting room for audio/video conferences and desktop sharing with colleagues and external collaborators. All this, with a simple click.
Configure the automatic voice responder to manage incoming calls.
Send, receive and manage fax in electronic format.
Pos & Fax
Use your analogyc fax and your POS to receive payments.
Light Call Distributor
Manage the incoming calls and redirect it to your operators.

Offer Info and Details

Companies that already have a PBX or need a PBX and want to reduce costs:
No maintenance or management costs 
No need of additional space 
Same base functions of an on-premise PBX solution
New tools available that can be managed on the web
Companies with employees frequently working out of office:
To increase the efficiency of their employees
In order not to loose even one call from clients and suppliers with business opportunities
Companies with Virtual PBX services from other operators:
For a flexible and scalable solution
For a cheaper integrated offer
For a wider offer of Unified Communication services
To be available on the entire national territory
The Virtual PBX option gives you the opportunity to manage many calls simultaneously, to forward calls to specific extensions, to choose the devices that have to ring according to call type. A very important tool to manage the telephone system inside a company.
With OFFICESMART Mobile extension, the user can be reached on his fixed line even outside the office, without missing any job opportunities.

With the OFFICESMART APP, Smartphones also become PBX extensions. Mobile Extension helps you manage incoming and outgoing calls, from a fixed line or a mobile number, in all the national territory.
OFFICE SMART is an option that can be combined with a product of the basic fixed offer: Super Office One, Office Plus, Office Maxi, from which it inherits some features including connectivity, IP addresses, numbers and the amount of Lines (Contemporary Calls). The Extensions are of two types: Standard Extention and Premium Extension both at the cost of €6/month.

All fees are billed bi-monthly and debited in arrears.

Super Office One with the Office Smart Option is sold only in FTTC and Fiber FTTH connectivity with 1 call simultaneously/1 Premium Extension.

Office Plus with the Office Smart Option is sold in ADSL, FTTC and Fiber FTTH connectivity with 2 simultaneous calls/from 2 to 8 Standard/Premium extensions.

Office Maxi with the Office Smart Option is sold in ADSL, FTTC and Fiber FTTH connectivity with 3-8 calls simultaneously/from 3 to 32 Standard/Premium extensions.

The activation fee is in promotion at 0€ in case of activaton of the Office Smart Option on Super Office One and is equal to €120 in installments over 24 months (€5/month) in case of activation of the Office Smart Option on OfficePlus/Maxi.

The plans provide unlimited calls to landline and mobile numbers in Italy and to landlines and mobiles in the countries in Area 1 (Alaska, Andorra, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany , Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Guernsey, Hawaii, Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Principality of Monaco, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, United States of America, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary).

The voice traffic included in the plan does not include calls made based on special rates.

The customer will be provided with an IAD (Integrated Access Device) free of charge for their use, which, in addition to the ADSL/VDSL interface, also has POTS interfaces. The type and numbers of interfaces of the equipment provided depend on the type and number of lines chosen. Wind Tre S.p.A. reserves the right to supply different equipment from those stated, with equivalent or superior performances, installing them in the location indicated by the customer in the Contract Proposal. Wind Tre S.p.A., or a company delegated by the same, will arrange to make an appointment with the Customer for the installation of the equipment. The configuration of the customer’s local network (LAN) is in any case excluded, as are the Wi-Fi configurations performed subsequently to the activation of the Service. The service includes the loan and maintenance of the IAD access equipment.

It will be possible to manage GNR numbering ranges (acquired in NP), transforming part of the numbers contained therein into individuals CLIs.

The numbers that form part of the GNR and are not used will remain available for future extensions performed on the request of the same customer.

Any Number Portability requests towards another operator of one or part of the numbers that form part of the GNR range GNR imply the reassignment of the entire GNR range to the receiving operator. It will also be possible to request the NP reassignment of numbers that were originally based on ISDN/BRI accesses with the mandatory requirement to request the reassignment of the leading number. The customer will have to choose which and how many numbers forming part of the original Multi-number to activate with the WINDTRE service.

If the customer requests the total or partial reassignment in NP of those numbers to another operator, it will be possible to reassign active in NP all or some of these. In case of FTTH Fiber a Mini ONT is provided, with the cost of 0 €/month for 24 months from activation; if the customer withdraws from the contract before the end of the 24-month period the amount of 36 euro will be charged to the same in the last useful invoice. Calls are unlimited without prejudice to the use of the service in ways that contradict the criteria of good faith and correctness, for purposes other than one’s own personal use and for the performance of mass communication activities, in line with the terms of the General Terms and Conditions of the Contract regarding the telecommunications services of WINDTRE.


An Extension can be defined as a geographic landline number (CLI) to which one of the following can be associated:
Standard extension (IP-PHONE)

Premium extension (with the possibility of manage calls from the fixed network numbering from several fixed devices (IP-PHONE/PC/MAC) and mobile (SMARTPHONE and TABLET). The Mobile Extension is the peculiarity of this type of extension.


MULTISITE: sharing the PBX from multiple locations (Private numbering plan, Fax Server, IVR, corporate directory, etc ...) Activation fee starting from the second venue 60€/venue can be divided into 24 months (2.5€/month);

MY CONFERENCE: adds to the Interior Premium the following features: Audio / Video Conferencing, Conference Rooms, Unified Communication and Collaboration up to 4 participants, 3 € / month;

MY CONFERENCE LARGE: as MY CONFERENCE but with the possibility of managing up to 25 participants, 6 € / month, not available in conjunction with Super Office One;

MULTI SELECTION: is a multiple choice automatic voice responder (IVR) to manage incoming calls, directing them to the most appropriate company function, 5 € / month, which cannot be requested in conjunction with Super Office One;

FAX / PoS: allows to send and receive FAX or to manage electronic payments in the traditional way, € 3 / month, cannot be requested in conjunction with Super Office One.

AND FAX to manage the FAXes without the need of a dedicated Hardware, € 3 / month, cannot be requested in conjunction with Super Office One;

LIGHT CALL DISTRIBUTOR (Multi Line Hunting Group): optimized management of incoming calls that allows each call to be managed by the most suitable group of operators in the most correct mode, € 3 / month, which cannot be requested in conjunction with Super Office One.


It is possible to purchase IP Phone, DECT Base and Switch with payment in instalments based on a plan lasting 24 months. The equipment is sent to the customer’s premises once the line has been successfully installed. Customers can purchase the same number of devices, or less than the number of extensions that they have subscribed. The equipment is offered with a sales formula based on payment in instalments within a period of 24 months, and the relative due amount will be paid in instalments charged directly in the invoice issued to the landline telephone service. The offer is valid subject to the customer signing a 24-month contract and maintaining the tariff plan chosen when signing the contract. In case of advance withdrawal from the contract, the amount will be charged in a lump sum equal to all the unpaid instalments envisaged by the purchase contract for the equipment. When the 24-month contract validity period expires, if the customer has maintained the contract and the offer chosen when signing the same active, an amount equal to that of the final instalment will be credited to the customer in the invoice. For any further information or clarification, please consult the General Terms and Conditions of the Contract on the website

Business phones in promotion

VoIP Phone Alcatel Temporis IP150: 0€/month instead of 2€/month;

VoIP Phone Alcatel Temporis IP701G: 3€/month instead of 5€/month;

DECT IP Base + 1 Alcatel IP2215 IP Phone (DECT Base e Cordless): 2€/month instead of 3,50€/month;

Additional DECT phone: Alcatel IP15 (DECT Extension for IP2215): 1€/month instead of 1,50€/month.

Switch: PoE 8-port DLINK DGS-1100-08P Switch: 0€/month instead of 4€/month
Switch 24-port, 12 of them PoE DLINK DGS-1100-24P: 0€/month instead of 7€/month.

The equipment is offered for sale with payment by instalments within 24 months, and the relative amounts due will be directly charged in the invoice in instalments.

Payment will be made in the form of 12 two-monthly instalments and a final instalment (charged at the same time as the last two-monthly installment).

The promotion offers to the customer the possibility to purchase one of the models on promotion with payment by instalments and the possibility to benefit from a discount in the invoice, either in percentage or absolute terms, of an amount equal to a fraction or the full amount of the instalments for the product purchased with payment by instalments. The offer is subject to the customer signing a 24-month contract and maintaining the tariff plan chosen when signing the contract. Customers who maintain the tariff plan for 24 months will be entitled to receive a credit in the invoice of an amount equal to that of the final instalment, which will be paid at the end of the contract validity. In case of early withdrawal or a change of tariff plan, a single charge will be applied, equal to the amount of all the outstanding instalments envisaged by the contract for the purchase of the equipment, without applying any discounts that may have been envisaged by the terms and conditions of the promotion. All promotions on the equipment are valid while stocks last. WINDTRE reserves the right to substitute the model of equipment indicated, if stocks run out, with a device of an equivalent value. Please refer to the contract proposal and the specific attachments to the contract to learn all the terms and conditions of the promotion and the models of the devices in promotion available when the contract is signed.
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