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From Abroad

Are you abroad and do you wish to know the cost of inbound and outbound calls from or to any country in the world?

Make a toll-free call to +39 320 5000200, the number dedicated to International Roaming: you will find all info about communicating while you are Abroad.

Send an SMS to 40266: to find out the costs to call from Country A to Country B, enter the following words in your text “Country A Name Country B Name”.

To find out the cost of inbound calls, text the name of the country you are interested in.

You will immediately receive a text with the requested information.

1928 Free all over the world 
If you need support service while abroad, call 1928 (or, where not available, the extended number 00393205000199). If you are a WINDTRE customer, you can always call 1928 free of charge!
Stated prices do not take any enabled options or active discounts into account. If you do not remember the commands required to use the service, you may text “HELP” and receive a reminder about commands to receive the information you need. The call to 3205000200 is free, anywhere in the world. Text to 40266 is free to any country in the EU area. From any other country, texts are charged according to standard roaming price list.
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