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Premium Services (VAS)

What happens on 01/01/2022 and on 01/02/2022?
WINDTRE informs that as of January 1, 2022, VAS subscription services (Premium services under CASP 4.0) will no longer be activated or usable on its network.

WINDTRE informs that from February 1, 2022, the one-shot VAS services referred to in the Code of Conduct for the offer of Premium Services (CASP 4. 0), will no longer be available for purchase on its network with the exception of the following services which will remain available: televoting, solidarity donations, donations to political parties, banking services, mobile ticketing for public transport and parking, private postal services and those falling within the universal postal service, certified electronic delivery services and certified electronic mail services (in accordance with the provisions of DELIBERA N. 10/21/CONS).

What are premium or commonly referred to as VAS services?
Premium services (VAS), also called "content" or "premium" services, and automatically blocked by WINDTRE, are paid services offered by third parties via SMS or data connection, outside the basic telecommunications services offered by WINDTRE. Among the most common premium rate services (VAS) are: horoscopes, games, streaming video and music, news (Sports, Football, Gossip, News, ...), weather, ringtones and others. Different, however, voice services to 89X and 178 numbers, satellite calls and calls to some international routes, not automatically blocked by WINDTRE, but subject to barring at the request of the customer.

How much do premium services (VAS) cost?
The premium services (VAS) have a variable price, which can usually provide for a fee to be paid depending on the type of service you have chosen to activate and / or subscribe on a weekly basis or for single content using the residual credit of the your SIM (in the case of an active rechargeable offer) or directly in your telephone account (in the case of a postpaid offer).

How are they activated?
For the activation of premium services (VAS), depending on the case, it is necessary to confirm the will to purchase by following the procedure indicated or send an SMS request, but always and only with your consent.

Can Premium Services (VAS) be deactivated?
You can deactivate the active service at any time, by following the procedure indicated on the site where the service is used, in the SMS received at the time of activation, by calling the toll-free number of the Customer Service at 1928.

Where can I view the list of my active services?
You can know the list of your active services by contacting Customer Service.

It is true that from 01 December 2020 WINDTRE has activated a process for the activation of premium services (VAS) which involves, during the activation process, the insertion of a security code (OTP mode - One Time Password) on its own SIM?
Yes, this process guarantees, in an even more transparent and conscious way, the will to activate a premium service (VAS), this is because, if the security code received on your SIM, is not entered in time and correctly, it will not will allow the activation of the service. For more information visit the dedicated page.

What happened on 18/04/2021?
On April 18, 2021, WINDTRE automatically activated, free of charge, the so-called barring of VAS subscription services offered via SMS or mobile Internet on all prepaid and post-paid numbers, except for the lines of Customers who expressly refused it. The VAS on-demand services are excluded from the automatic block inserted by Wind Tre on 18/04/2021, but it is still possible to request them through the channels listed in the following paragraph. The Customer may at any time decide which categories of premium services to block/unblock by calling Customer Service 1928 and according to the other contact points described.

In case of afterthought will it be possible to request a refund?
You will be able to request a refund for "afterthought" within 6 hours from the moment of activation of the service.

Assistance and Support
For Assistance and Support on Premium Services (VAS):
Customer Service 1928
Customer Area
WINDTRE reminds you that, from March 2019, on all new SIM activations, rechargeable or post-paid, a technical block is active, so-called barring, which prevents the activation of the so-called premium services VAS; if you are interested in deactivation, you can always request, free of charge, the unblocking through the following channels:
  • By calling Customer Service 1928
  • By sending a PEC to the address: with the attached form that can be downloaded on the following page completed in its entirety
  • If you are the Legal Representative (or the Delegate with power of signature) in total autonomy from the Customer Area, or alternatively, by downloading the form on the following page and, once completed in its entirety, sending it to the PEC: CustomerCareWindTreBusiness@pec.windtre .it
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