Wind Tre Business

Add numbers to the Telephone Directories

Log In to the Customers' Area and download the "REQUEST FORM TO INSERT NEW DATA TO THE TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES", with the written consent of the legal representative of the data.
You can choose between:
  • make a request to publish up to 30 numbers for each request
  • verify the total amount of the requests to add to telephone directories
  • differentiate the consents for each number. The consents can be devided as follows:
    • consent to appear in the telephone directories
    • consent to share your data with the subscribers of the information services
    • consent to find our your Company's Name from your telephone number
    • consent to receive commercial information via mail
    • apply the consent also to all the numbers with a single choise
You can also modify the data, by downloading the "FORM TO MODIFY TELEPHONE LINES"

Your request will be fowarded after the receit of the paper request, in addition to a valid ID of the legal representative of the company.

If you are switching to Wind Tre Business from another telephone contractor, if you do not request a change in preference, the choices made with the previous telephone operator will be preserved according to the publishing of the single numbers in the telephone directories (dame data and consent expressed before).

You have 60 days after the contract signing to inform us about a change in the consents and information according to the published information.

The papwerwork for the request to publish the numbers in the telephone directories, has to be sent to:
Wind Tre S.p.A. 
Servizio Clienti 1928 
Casella Postale n. 14155, Ufficio Postale Milano 65 - 20152 Milano

The publishing on the internet, generally, takes 15 days from the receit of the documentation.
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