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Voice calls and services

Ring Me & Ring Me SMS
Ring Me is the free service that calls back automatically a WIND TRE mobile user already busy in another conversation or with a turned off phone or an out of reach phone.

In order to book an authomatic re-call just stay on the line and follow the instructions of the recorded message: when the number will be once again available, Ring Me will connect the person that you were looking for with an authomatic generated call. All you'll have to do will be answer it. 

It's possible to book up to 6 authomatic calls, 3 of which for an out of reach phone and 3 for a busy number. The single booking will be authomatically deleted if the client will be back online in 30 minutes or will be out of reach for more than 6 hours. 
In order to check if the booking of the call is still active, dial *154#ENTER (green phone/button to make a call).         
To make your phone available or not availablt for authomatic calls, dial *154#ENTER (green phone/button to make a call) from your phone. Ring Me will inform you on the status of the service and through the interactive menu will give you the chance to manage it.  
Ring Me SMS is the free service that will inform you with a text when a called number will be once again available if it is busy at the moment. 
Ring Me and Ring Me SMS are available in Italy, in the regions where WIND is functioning, for the mobile, plan and prepaid clients, excluded the WIND TRE numbers included in the VPN agencies contracts.

SMS My WIND TRE is the free service that sends you a text with date, time and sender of the received calls while you are busy in another conversation, the phone is turned off or out of reach.

SMS My WIND TRE is available also when the credit is zero and the voicemail is active; it is not available when the option of fowarding calling to a landline or mobile is set on the phone.

Abroad the service is available for the clients with a plan or the voicemail active. 
In order to turn on or turn off the SMS My WIND TRE and for any other information please call 403020.
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