Wind Tre Business


Are you a WINDTRE BUSINESS client already but your current offer is not enough anymore? Would you like to integrate some additional options to your plan? Or are you looking to update some information on the contract due to your company's growth? 
I.M.A.C. makes it so much easier! You'll be able to update your offer through a smart procedure, supported step by step in all your needs. 

The services grants you the chance to change and/or update your contractual info, such as:
  • Addition of new SIMs
  • Addition of new devices
  • Application and/or change of marketing options
  • Tecnichal services for the catalogue's offers
In order to use the I.M.A.C. services it will be enough to download the following form, fill it and then send it to:
  • Download the form

You require further assistance?

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