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Arm your business against all type of cyber attacks.

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Company files protected by the best solutions available on the market

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Block the access to not relevant websites and improve the productivity

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Leave behind unexpected expenses for sudden data loss

Effective cloud security to protect your business

Protect your business, the data and information you manage with Secure Web, the Cloud service for the protection from the multiple and dangerous threats on the Web. IT risks for the devices on your network. Thanks to functions such as malware containment and anti-phishing, the service represents the first line of defense on the Internet against attacks aimed at the theft of your sensitive data or the compromise of your devices. Secure Web uses machine learning techniques to analyze, identify and block malicious infrastructures even before they launch an attack.


Protect your company
from cyber attacks.


There are many threats on the web that you need to defend against. Malicious emails and websites can often steal personal and sensitive data such as passwords, credit card information, bank accounts. The devices can also be subtly used by third parties for mining operations, therefore losing processing capacity and requesting an unnecessary technological refresh Secure Web also provides protection against these phishing and cryptojacking operations.
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We often browse online by using a device connected to the same LAN network or the same Wi-Fi.
Through Secure Web the protection provided by the service won't only be limited to your computer but also to all the other devices using the same line, grantinting the best protection for your business. 

Cisco Umbrella

The first line of defense
from threats on the internet.

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Identify and block malware even before it launches an attack.

URL Filtering

Block the access to websites that are not business relevant.

App Control

Define app guidelines and prevent the download of unsafe contents.
Privacy Defence
Through DNS your data will always stay safe.

Easy set-up

No need to install additional programs on your laptop.

The following service is INCLUDED in the offert below:

SECURE WEB is a service integrated into the WINDTRE network, capable of preventing the most common cyber threats such as 'phishing', 'botnets' and 'ransomware'. Features such as anti-phishing and malware containment will be integrated into the WINDTRE network, without the need for specific hardware or software installation on their devices. The SECURE WEB option is included by default within the fixed telephony services of the OFFICE portfolio at a cost of €5 per month for 12 months. At the end of the 12th month, the service is automatically renewed, unless cancelled by contacting 1928. The service is an integral part of the Super Office One offer; the service has a promotional cost of €3/month instead of €5/month. There is no activation or deactivation fee. SECURE WEB is the cloud-based security service that operates at the DNS (Domain Name System) level and provides the first line of defence against Internet threats by blocking access requests to malicious destinations before the connection is established. The service verifies the reliability or security of the site you wish to access: if the access request is made to a destination deemed potentially dangerous by WINDTRE Business's SECURE WEB service, the customer will be inhibited from accessing that destination by replacing the requested content with a message (special blocking page) informing the customer of the protection action taken. For any request for access to the blocked page or deactivation of the SECURE WEB service, it is necessary to call 1928. WINDTRE does not guarantee that the SECURE WEB service will provide absolute security and protection from cyber attacks (malware, phishing) due to the continuous development of new technologies for intrusion and attack on files, networks, endpoints. WINDTRE does not guarantee that the SECURE WEB cloud service will protect all files, networks and endpoints free of all malware, viruses and malicious attacks from third parties, but the level and development of the technologies used contribute significantly to reducing the level of exposure to these threats. The monthly fee for the SECURE WEB option, exclusively in conjunction with the OFFICE PLUS SPECIAL Fibre FTTH, OFFICE PLUS Fibre FTTH and OFFICEMAXI Fibre FTTH tariff plans, is on offer at a 100% discount for new activations.
In order to be able to use the Secure Web Service correctly, the configuration of the modem (Internet access) must allow the automatic acquisition of both the IP address and DNS.
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