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Connectivity Vouchers for firms up to 2.500€
Connectivity Vouchers for firms up to 2.500€
agcom fibra
agcom fibra
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The internet only solution with FTTH technology and a static IP for the office.
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With Voucher Connectivity from €4.16 per month for 24 month


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Why should you choose OFFICEDATA for your business?

OfficeData is the Internet offer, tailored on your business needs. You'll be able to browse the internet from your office at a high speed. 
The WINDTRE BUSINESS connectivity will give you access to browsing speed up to 2.5 Gb/s per second and the static IP is an additional perk of the solution as well. 

The advantages of the solution are many: you'll be able to provide even more protection to your security problems, by accessing remotely your associated terminal, by simply connecting your device to the web.
You'll also be able to create and then set a local Web server or an FTP server, improving the data and information sharing inside your company.
*WINDTRE adheres to the MISE Voucher Plan for companies registered in the relevant register and also for natural persons with VAT registration who exercise, on their own or in associated form, an intellectual profession and has up to 250 employees, whose annual turnover does not exceed €50 million or whose annual balance sheet total does not exceed €43 million. Subject to improved connectivity, actual availability of funds and application approval.
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Included you'll also find the SECURE WEB service. 
A strong and powerful in Cloud defence granting you the best protection for your data and those of your clients, providing also an effective anti-phishing service and a safe online browsing safe on all of your devices.

Offer Info and Details

What is the difference between ADSL, FTTC and FTTH fibre? The main difference is the internet speed.

Outside network coverage in ADSL connectivity only, the nominal line speed is up to 7 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload with guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 2Mbps download and 200 kbps upload.

FTTC is the connection consisting of fibre optic cables to the cabinet; the connection to the modem is made directly with a copper cable. In FTTC connectivity the nominal speed of the line is up to 200 Mbps in download and up to 20 Mbps in upload with a guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 21 Mbps in download and 2 Mbps in upload.

FTTH fibre is the best performing fibre optic technology at the moment; unlike FTTC technology, the connection to the modem is made directly with a fibre optic cable (not copper). The surfing speed in FTTH fibre connectivity is up to 2.5 Gb/s in download and up to 500 Mb/s in upload with a guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 200 Mb/s in download and 50 Mb/s in upload.

The actual speeds that can be reached will only be determined after the service has been activated and will in any case depend on the distance from the cabinet, the degree of network congestion, the use of Wi-Fi and the number and type of devices connected.

Find out more on the connectivity technologies in the Network Architecture dedicated page.
The choice between ADSL, FTTC* FIBER and FTTH FIBER depends on the availability of the connectivity in your area.

FTTH FIBER connectivity is not present throughout the country, see the cities where it is available at the link Find out where FTTH FIBER is available.
Contact us to receive more information on which type of connectivity is available in your area.

*FTTC is a special case of the FTTN technology (Fiber to the Node). The FTTN connectivity overlaps with the FTTC connectivity in the case of street cabinets.
The una-tantum activation fee is of 120 euro can be paid with:
  • a single installment in the first invoice
  • 5€/month for 24 months If the
Clients terminates the contract before the payment of the last installment of the activation fee, the Client will have to pay, in a single installment or more fees with the same time gap and same payment method, for all the remaining fees.
The Office Data offer provides for the supply of the modem on free loan. The modem will be delivered and configured by a specialized technician appointed by WINDTRE. After testing, the Customer can choose to use his own modem and in this case he must have a modem compatible with the profile of the offer chosen. The general parameters are available on the Configuration page for other modems. In case of use of equipment freely chosen by the Customer on the free market, the internet speed could be different from that communicated and Wind Tre S.p.A. is not required to provide technical assistance on the installation and configuration of the modem and Wi-Fi, even for connected devices. Furthermore, no remote updates on the modem firmware will be sent. Wind Tre S.p.A. undertakes to provide free assistance only in the event of any problems on the Customer's line.
Fiber FTTH offering available in the cities of Acerra, Agrigento, Alessandria, Ancona, Aosta, Aprilia, Arezzo, Ascoli Piceno, Assemini, Asti, Bagheria, Bari, Barletta, Battipaglia, Beinasco, Benevento, Bergamo, Bisceglie, Bitonto, Bollate, Bologna, Brescia, Bresso, Brindisi, Buccinasco, Busto Arsizio, Cagliari, Caltanissetta, Campi Bisenzio, Campobasso, Capannori, Capoterra, Carbonia, Carpi, Casalecchio di Reno, Caserta, Casoria, Cassino, Castel Maggiore, Castellammare di Stabia, Castenaso, Catania, Catanzaro, Cava de' Tirreni, Cesena, Chieri, Chieti, Cinisello Balsamo, Civitavecchia, Collegno, Como, Corato, Cornaredo, Corsico, Cosenza, Cremona, Cuneo, Empoli, Fabriano, Ferrara, Florence, Foggia, Foligno, Forlì, Francavilla A Mare, Gela, Gemona, Genoa, Grosseto, Grugliasco, Imola, Imperia, La Spezia, Lanciano, L'Aquila, Latina, Lecce, Limbiate, Livorno, Macerata, Manfredonia, Matera, Messina, Milan, Modena, Molfetta, Moncalieri, Monopoli, Montesilvano, Monza, Mugnano, Naples, Nichelino, Nola, Novara, Nuoro, Olbia, Opera, Orbassano, Oristano, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Pavia, Perugia, Pesaro, Pescara, Peschiera Borromeo, Piacenza, Pioltello, Pisa, Pomezia, Portici, Potenza, Prato, Quartucciu, Ragusa, Ravenna, Reggio Calabria, Reggio Emilia, Reggio nell'Emilia, Rho, Rieti, Rivoli, Rome - Alessandrino, Rome - Cinecittà, Rome - Garbatella, Rome - Laurentina, Rome - Magliana, Rome - Medaglie d'Oro, Rome - Monte Sacro, Rome - Nomentano, Rome - Prati, Rome - Tiburtina, Rome - Torrino, Rovigo, Rozzano, Salerno, San Donà di Piave, San Donato Milanese, San Giuliano Milanese, San Lazzaro di Savena, Sassari, Savona, Scandicci, Schio, Segrate, Selargius, Seregno, Sesto Fiorentino, Sesto San Giovanni, Settimo Milanese, Settimo Torinese, Siracusa, Sondrio, Taranto, Teramo, Termoli, Terni, Thiene, Tivoli, Turin, Trapani, Treviso, Trezzano sul Naviglio, Udine, Varese, Vasto, Venaria Reale, Venice, Vercelli, Verona, Viareggio, Vimodrone, Vittoria. Where Fiber FTTH offer is not available, it is possible to activate OFFICE DATA 200 offer in FTTC technology, OFFICE DATA ADSL offer in ADSL technology at the same price. Find out more.
Wind Tre adheres to the Connectivity Voucher Plan promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development to encourage the spread of ultra-wideband in Italy, thanks to the provision of a bonus to help provide connectivity. The voucher is intended for companies, registered in the relevant register, and also to all natural persons holding a VAT number who exercise, on their own or in associated form, an intellectual profession within the meaning of Article 2229 of the Civil Code (or one of the unorganised professions referred to in Law No. 4 of 14 January 2013) which have a maximum of 250 employees and an annual turnover that does not exceed € 50 million, against the request for activation of new connectivity services or improvement of connectivity already active. The speed activated must be the best speed available to the civic (both in case of upgrades and new access). The amount of the single voucher will vary from a minimum of € 300 to a maximum of € 2.500 depending on the type of connectivity. It will be possible to request only one voucher per VAT number. The disbursement of contributions is subject to the actual availability of the relevant funds and the approval of the application.The contributions provided for by the Voucher Plan are granted through public funds and subject to specific conditions of membership. All prices are to be considered VAT Excluded. Please note that the invoice will be charged the VAT related to the amount of the monthly fee gross of any discounts provided for the Connectivity Voucher applied.
In case of contextual subscription of the Office Data Fibre FTTH Offer the cost, thanks to the Connectivity Voucher of 500€ will be 4,16€ for 24 months (discount of 20,84€/month) and at the end of the 24 months it will return to the initial price of 25€. In case of contextual subscription of the Office Data 200 offer, the cost, thanks to the Connectivity Voucher of 300€ will be 12,5€ for 24 months (discount of 12,5€/month) and at the end of 24 months it will go back to the initial price of 25€. For further information on the Voucher Mise initiative visit:

Invoicing is bimonthly. All prices are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise indicated. Office Data can be subscribed to a new line in FTTC and FTTH fiber connectivity where network coverage is available. The offer in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is available only in the cities listed in the link "Find Out where is available FIBRA FTTH". The browsing speed in FTTH fibre connectivity is up to 2.5 Gb/s in download and 500 Mb/s in upload with a guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 200 Mb/s in download and 50 Mb/s in upload and is the maximum achievable: the actual speed depends on the level of coverage, the degree of congestion, the type of network and the type of device used. Outside network coverage, in ADSL connectivity only, the nominal line speed is up to 7 Mbps in download and 1 Mbps in upload with a guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 2 Mbps in download and 200 kbps in upload. In FTTC connectivity, the nominal line speed is up to 200 Mbps download and up to 20 Mbps upload with a guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 21 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. FTTC connectivity is a special case of FTTN (Fiber to the Node) technology. The FTTN network coincides with the FTTC network when street cabinets are used. There is an activation fee of €120, which can be paid: 1) in a lump sum charged on the first invoice; 2) €5 per month for 24 months. In the event of cancellation before 24 months have elapsed, the customer may choose to continue with the instalment plan or pay the remaining instalments in a single instalment. From January 2024, in the event of a positive annual change in the national FOI consumer price index recorded by ISTAT in the month of October of the previous year, WINDTRE is entitled to increase within the first quarter of the year the monthly price of the Service by a percentage amount equal to the change in such index or at least 5%. The adjustment does not constitute a contractual amendment within the meaning of Article 2.4 of the General Terms and Conditions and, therefore, does not entitle the Customer to withdraw from the Contract without cost. For further details check the General Terms and Conditions. Wind Tre S.p.A., or a company delegated by it, will make an appointment with the customer for the installation of the equipment. In any case, the configuration of the Customer's local network (Lan) is excluded, as well as the configuration of Wi-Fi after the activation of the Service. The maintenance of the IAD access equipment is included in the free loan service. Office Data has a contractual term of 24 months. In the event of termination of the service, there is a one-off contribution equal to the minimum value between the value of the contract and the actual costs incurred by WINDTRE for the management of the file, as specified in the Technical and Economic Annex of the contract. The OFFICE DATA FIBRE 1000, OFFICE DATA 200 and OFFICE DATA ADSL 20 offers include the secure web service and have a monthly fee of €25. SECURE WEB is a service integrated into the WINDTRE network, capable of preventing the most common cyber threats such as "phishing", "botnets" and "ransomware". Features such as anti-phishing and malware containment will be integrated into the WINDTRE network, without the need for specific hardware or software installation on their devices. The SECURE WEB option is included by default within the OFFICE portfolio services at a cost of €5 per month for 12 months. There is no activation or deactivation fee. At the end of the 12th month, the service is automatically renewed, unless you contact 1928 to cancel.

SECURE WEB is the security service on cloud platform that operates at DNS (Domain Name System) level and provides the first line of defense against threats on the Internet by blocking access requests to malicious destinations before the connection is established. The service verifies the reliability or security of the site you want to access: if the access request is made to a destination considered potentially dangerous by the service SECURE WEB of WINDTRE BUSINESS the customer will be inhibited access to that destination replacing the content requested with a message (special block page) with an information for the customer of the protection action. For any request for access to the blocked page or the deactivation of the SECURE WEB service, you must call 1928. WINDTRE does not guarantee that the SECURE WEB service provides absolute security and protection from computer attacks (malware, phising) due to the continuous development of new technologies for intrusion and attack against files, networks, endpoints. WINDTRE does not guarantee that the SECURE WEB Cloud service will protect all files, networks and endpoints from all malware, viruses and malicious attacks from third parties, but the level and development of the technologies used contribute significantly to reducing the level of exposure to these threats.

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