Wind Tre Business

Information on the provisions introduced by
Resolution 347/18/ CONS

According to the provisions of Resolution 347/18 / CONS, in case of delay attributable to Wind Tre in the activation of the service and in the removal of the user or illegitimate suspension or termination of the service for administrative reasons, Wind Tre will have to pay an automatic compensation to the customer, by invoice or by telephone top-up, equal to 7.5 euro per day for each non-accessory service. Instead, it will correspond to 2.5 euros, up to a maximum of 300 euros, for each accessory service and 1 euros, up to a maximum of 100, for each free service.

The aforementioned automatic indemnities are increased by a third in the case of ultra-broadband Internet service and by double in the event of a disruption on business users, subject to the contract for membership. Compensation for other types of disservice, as regulated by the Service Charter, can be requested by the customer in any manner, including by telephone at 133/139 (for customers 3, respectively, consumer and business clients), 155 and 1928 (for Wind customers, respectively, consumer and business clients).
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