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''Verified by WINDTRE" Security Page for VAS services with OTP

WINDTRE informs that the "Security Page" gives you the possibility to request the "Security Code", free of charge, to offer greater protection to your purchases of VAS services (value-added services or premium services) with telephone credit or charged to the invoice.

The service works using a protocol that increases your security by introducing an authentication mechanism with the insertion of an additional disposable security code “OTP” (One Time Password). This code will be sent to you via SMS after clicking on the "Request security code" button.

The scheme is similar to that used by the various payment institutions and/or credit cards. Specifically, when activating a premium service (VAS), after confirming ("first click" on the Click and Confirm button) and agreed to purchase the service or subscribe ("second click" on the "Click and Subscribers "), you will be redirected to an additional WINDTRE branded page where you will be asked to enter your telephone number and the subsequent security code received via SMS. Only the correct entry of the number and then the security code will allow you to activate the service. The page will indicate the name of the premium service (VAS) you are purchasing, the date of purchase, the cost of the on-demand service or subscription you are subscribing to, and the name of the person providing the service. The "Cancel" button allows you to cancel the operation; the "Info" button directs you to this page of WINDTRE alerts.

Further Information

The OTP (One Time Password) is a "disposable" numeric code that is generated by an algorithm that creates a random series of numbers, and sent to your mobile once you have entered your phone number on the "Security Page". This is to offer greater security in the subscription of subscriptions or purchases made online of premium services (VAS) with telephone credit or debit on the invoice. You will recognize it by the WindTre “Safety Page” logo.
The OTP, used via text message, is a disposable code, usable only once, after which you will have to generate a new one if you want to carry out a new operation.
The Security Page is free and offers greater protection for your online purchases with telephone credit or invoice charges.
The Security Code is sent free of charge by WINDTRE, so you will not find costs on your credit and / or telephone account.
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