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The WINDTRE BUSINESS App is constantly evolving to provide you with the best possible service. Rich of useful tools, it grants the access to all profiles: Employees, Used Administrator and Telco Manager. The same credentials used for the Selfcare portal can also be used to login. Explore all the WINDTRE BUSINESS App advantages right now!

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All your spending in a single App

Through the WINDTRE BUSINESS App your can count on an all-round control of your Business. On the homepage you can see all the lines of your company, both mobile and fixed, with details for each number, including the consumption made. If you're a Company Manager you can also check and save invoices and share them directly.
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Always by your side, even Abroad

Are you frequently on the move for work and need an App as fast as yourself? Or maybe you're just planning a trip abroad? Through the App you can check the services available for your abroad, among other features: check the available operators and the detailed pricing for calls, texts and internet browsing in and from the country you are travelling to.


The WINDTRE BUSINESS App, the free of charge tool providing you with the tool to monitor all the fixed-line and mobile lines of your Business is available both on Google Play and App Store. 
The App is compatible with all the devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) provided with the Adroid 4.4.3 version and the iOs 8.0 versione, including the Apple Watches with the 2.0 version.
Once the application available on the Google Play store and the app store has been downloaded, it is possible to log in directly via autologin or by explicitly entering credentials. In case you do not yet have credentials, you can register directly on the app for the Employee profile or on the web portal for Responsible users, the profiles are distinguished as follows:
  • Employee for Small Medium Business and Large Business segments by entering login credentials such as Username and Password, obtained through the registration process, or by logging in as an autologin;
  •   Corporate Manager (User Admin and Telco Manager) only for the Small Medium Enterprise segment can log in only by entering the Username and Password credentials, obtained through registration procedure on the web portal for the User Admin and through creation of the responsible profile for the Telco Manager. Autologin access is not possible for the corporate responsible profile.

Autologin access occurs in case of browsing under WINDTRE network via mobile device or via other device connected in Tethering/Hotspot with WINDTRE BUSINESS mobile SIM. In fact, there is a recognition mode based on the phone number that will allow automatic access to the app. By logging in directly by phone number you will only ever be recognized with Employee profile even if you have a Company Manager profile with which to manage your consistency; you must log in by entering credentials such as Username and Password to be recognized with the Company Manager profile.
You can register directly in the app only for the Employee profile by obtaining login credentials such as username and password. For Employees the username is always numeric and corresponds to the mobile line number. Credentials are obtained through the registration process that can be done through the portal or on the app; credentials created on the one are also valid for the other. Having opened the app and clicked on the "Register" button it is necessary to enter the number of the mobile line that you want to register, at this point you will receive, via SMS or via email that you will be asked to specify if you have a data-only SIM, a code to be entered in the appropriate field (N.B.for data-only SIMs it is required to verify possession of the SIM by entering the PUK of the same, if the data are correct you will receive the email with the code); it is also possible to request a new sending of the SMS or email via the appropriate links highlighted in orange. After entering the code, the registration is complete and you can make the first access to the WINDTRE BUSINESS app.
The Company Manager can access through the App all the advisory tools, just like an Employee account, plus the additional active features. Among them: check the invoices, download them and thare them via App or via email; get alerts for all the billing accounts and the due dates, check the general spending of each of the mobile and fixed-line lines; check the general Company data. 
You can easily retrieve the password, to do so you need to enter the registered mobile line in the username field and click on the "Retrieve Password" button. A control code will be generated and sent via SMS or email as per the process used during registration. Once you enter the received code in the appropriate field, a new password will be generated that will cancel and replace the previous one allowing explicit access to the app.
No, it is not necessary, with the "Associate SIM" function you can associate up to two SIMs to your account.
The SIM associate feature allows other business lines up to a maximum of two to be linked to one SIM, if they belong to the same VAT number, so that they can be controlled with a single access from the app. It is available via the "Associate SIM" link located within the avatar at the top left of the main screen. The associated SIMs can be selected from a drop-down list that opens by clicking on the avatar.
Yes, of course, the WINDTRE Business App has two widgets: the full version and the light version. The full version widget includes, in addition to the connection to the setting to manage the widget through the App, also the quick links to the most used features. The three main meters are always updated for the consuming, the available balance and the names of the active offers. 
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You will receive a TEXT with the download link directly on your smartphone or tablet.
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