Protect your company's activities and restore all your data at any time.

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Restore your IT systems in a secure and protected enviroment
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Reduced costs thanks to the model "pay as you go"
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Plan defined on the basis of customer needs and specific RTOs and RPOs

A solid and effective solution for the recovery of all your data, your systems and your infrastructure

The Cloud Disaster Recovery service, in partnership with Veeam, allows the secure and reliable recovery of corporate IT operations thanks to the replication on-premise of the infrastructure. It guarantees Business Continuity by reducing any downtime due to unpredictable events.


Protect and restore
your business data.
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The Cloud solution for Business Continuity

Unpredictable events, such as natural disasters, service interruption or human errors, can seriously put your company at risk. It is, therefore, necessary to submit a recovery plan aimed at ensuring business continuity in all circumstances. The WINDTRE BUSINESS Disaster Recovery service guarantees you immediate data recovery thanks to Veeam solutions and the WINDTRE  Cloud. Your machines and applications will be replicated in the Cloud and you have the possibility to choose between two WINDTRE Data Centers: Rome Tor Cervara and Siziano Supernap, both connected to the WINDTRE Internet backbone.

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Complete Infrastructure: Server, Storage and Networking Enterprise Class.

Virtual Data Center

Cloud resources dedicated to Disaster Recovery service on VMware virtualizer.


Choose the kind of connectivity more suitable to your infrastructure and your security standards, through MPLS connections, dedicated or on the public network.

Managed and unmanaged service

You can manage Disaster Recovery policies independently or let them be outsourced by a team of experts.

Professional services

Customized support and advice in order to guarantee the best plan.

GDPR Compliance

Service in compliance with GDPR, both for the security measures implemented and for the operational management methods.

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