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WINDTRE BUSINESS, in collaboration with its prestigious partner STACK, has consolidated its presence in various locations throughout the country for the provision of housing and colocation services, flanking the Data Centre it owns in Rome in Via Tor Cervara. The service is thus provided from modern and technologically advanced Data Centres, characterised by innovative security systems and managed by highly qualified personnel. The functionality and security of STACK, combined with the ultrabroadband connectivity and continuous supervision services offered by WINDTRE BUSINESS, make this solution the ideal choice for your company's IT transformation projects.
Thanks to the agreement with STACK Data Center, built in Siziano (PV) and part of the global platform STACK Infrastructure, WINDTRE BUSINESS offers housing and connectivity solutions. The technical features of STACK, such as high reliability and resilience, security and performance at the top of the market - are particularly suitable for companies that operate in mission critical and require:
  • Public/private/hybrid cloud solutions
  • ICT transformation projects - IT as a Service, IoT Big Data Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity projects
  • Contextual Marketing & online transaction processing projects

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Equipped physical space

in 19’ server lodge racks for Client’s servers, in sizes starting from 2 rack units in shared racks, through dedicated racks, and up to entire dedicated caged areas.

Power supply and conditioning

via dual 230V, 16A or 32A line included in the basic offer, featuring redundant system components. Additional 230/400V, 32A to 64A lines available upon request. Sophisticated air conditioning systems to keep steady environmental conditions optimized for powers up to 40KW/rack.


10Mbps to 1Gbps internet band capacity and beyond (project-based solutions) on shared infrastructure and with unlimited allowance. Dedicated connectivity on WINDTRE BUSINESS data offers upon request, thanks to direct and redundant Data Center connection with the WINDTRE network nodes.

Guaranteed logic security

through a VLAN system, shared or customer-dedicated Firewall systems and the DDoS attack prevention system.

Physical security

guaranteed by smoke detectors, fire alarms, flooding sensors and digital storing cameras, active 24/7. Finally, authorized personnel only can access premises, through badge identification.

On-demand services

Minor on-site interventions on client’s HW can be requested, e.g. turning servers on/off, replacing components, and so on.

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