Wi-Fi as a marketing tool

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Lead Generation B2B
Turn your company visitors into customers
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Viral Network
Generate visibility on social networks.
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Increase the sales

The solution to simplify the internet access to customers and increase the Customer Base

Easy Wi-Fly is an innovative service that allows operators of commercial activities (hotels, chain stores, offices, sports centers, etc.) to offer their customers free and safe Wi-Fi Internet access. The solution allows guests a pleasant and welcoming stay and the company to build or quickly enrich the database of its customers, which can therefore be the subject of marketing campaigns.


Customize the welcome page with the brand of your company

Customers Database

Collect customer contact informations and use them in marketing campaigns

Marketing Tools

Advanced features to manage marketing campaigns and promotions to registered customers

Easy to use

No need for passwords: customers sign up autonomously leaving their data through the use of social or email/ mobile


Plug & Play installation: just connect the Access Point to a free router port to make the Wi-Fi service available to your guests immediately


Safe and GDPR compliant product
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Thanks to its open architecture, the Wifi guest can be a fundamental element for business strategies and the use of the collected data allows you to plan and measure campaigns with marketing tools based on location (Marketing Location based).
You can learn more about the habits of your customers and create a mailing list, from the most loyal customers to the occasional ones, manage contacts, send personalized promotions and organize periodic messages. Location Analytics allow you to acquire customer behaviors and make your business even more efficient.

How does it work?

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to the Wi-Fi Access Point
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to the service administration panel
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at any time the available options
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