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Smart Energy Management for your company’s energy efficiency.

Digitizes energy performance management processes
Cloud Service, without dedicated investments
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The digital evolution of energy consumption and cost management

Energy Supervisor is the energy management service of WINDTRE BUSINESS to enable the digital evolution of the management of costs and energy consumption, helping to improve efficiency, productivity, sustainability of organizations and companies thanks to Smart Building and Smart Cities models. It was created to respond to the fundamental need to define a credible energy efficiency index, through the identification, correlation and analysis of the impacts of the so-called energy drivers.
ENERGY SUPERVISOR was born from the partnership between WINDTRE BUSINESS and Ouvert, a company with decades of experience in the Analysis and Management of Energy Performance of complex systems. The objective of the partnership is to provide companies and public administrations with tools and methodologies for the management of all data sources relating to available energy and environmental consumption, combining Analytics techniques and Iot Solutions to extract valuable information from the most varied corporate data lakes.

Customers will, therefore, have access to analyzes, reports and estimates to support the definition of energy efficiency recovery and performance optimization actions.

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Possibility of integration with existing systems for historical data collection.


Integration and convergence of available technology: connectivity, sensors/meters/artificial intelligence at the service of energy efficiency.


Production of customizable reports and Kpis tracking set to support fast and timely actions of evaluation and recovery performance.


Tutoring, specific workshops on service packages and energy management trends and pillars.


Dynamically updated analysis thanks to continuous alignment with excise taxes/ancillary costs to provide the most effective tools in trading with traders.

Qualified support

Specialist support for specific needs with Energy Data Scientist ,Energy Infrastructure Engineer ed Energy Performance Manager

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