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Manage your work and private life
from a single smartphone.


Simply switch from work to private account profile


Protect terminal device, connection, content data


Access any information on any device

The service that enables your people to work on their mobile devices, simply and independently.

Mobility Pack manages the usage and traffic on two different user profiles: the Business profile – with dedicated and restricted use of corporate data and applications – and the Personal profile – for private applications and internet browsing for non-work-related needs.
A way to let your people keep work life and personal life separated but on one single device, tracking data usage and with no worries about data and information security.


The KNOX Workspace solution allows to create two separate environments on the same smartphone.
On one side, a personal area where the user can use personal apps and browse the Internet through shared APN using its personal gigabytes freely as well; on the other side, a business environment with apps selected and installed by corporate IT Manager, and a safe, secured and controlling internet browsing in a VPN or a MPLS environment.


With the Cloud tool designed to control corporate data and apps installed by corporate IT Manager on the device, it'll be possible to track user’s data usage and split personal costs from corporate ones, in a precise and timely manner, with no surprises.

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Mobile Management

The Cloud solution that enables corporate IT Manager to control corporate data and apps.

Private APN

To store data usage through the MPLS network, ensuring a security level higher than in any standard VPN.

Secured browsing

Top online protection through advanced firewalling and content filtering systems.

Dual billing

The tool to charge your employees for device personal usage.


Remote device setup, and remote app and operating system updating.

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