WINDTRE BUSINESS Capacity & Infrastructures offer for Wholesale services is based on its proprietary fiber optic network spanning across the entire domestic territory, and reaching Internet Exchange Points, Landing Stations and major Italian Data Centres.
Access infrastructure is enriched with radio link technology, through the efficient capillarity of WINDTRE radio mobile network. Our product portfolio and technical team professionalism manage to meet – and anticipate – any national, international or local Operator’s needs.

Dark Optic Fiber

Dark fiber optic for long distance backbones and metropolitan area networks.


WINDTRE cabling infrastructure (e.g. cable ducts) for MAN and WAN.

Dedicated bandwidth services

SDH/Lambda/Ethernet transmission circuits exploiting WINDTRE meshed network architecture and radio access network capillarity.

IP Transit

Dedicated fiber Big Internet access provided at Operator’s site.


Colocation at WINDTRE Data Centres and technological sites, at top market quality standards.


Content Delivery Network (CDN) for dramatically improved multimedia content distribution.


WINDTRE BUSINESS offers several models dedicated to companies that are willing to market mobile telephony services under their own brand.
Wind Tre Business MVNO marketing team supports companies in identifying the business model that suits corporate commercial and technical characteristics best.
Offer wholesale models require the involved company to acquire and be entitled to operate as virtual operator by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development.
Air Time Reseller is the business model that fits companies that are not do not have any specific specialization in telecommunication services. The involved company manages mobile service communication and sale independently, under its own brand.
The mobile service is carried out and operated by WINDTRE or by one of its technological partners.

Enhanced Service Provider is the business model dedicated to companies that want to be independent in defining their mobile solutions and customer management processes, although are not willing to equip itself with a proprietary telecommunication infrastructure.
This model delivers the integration of WINDTRE – or its technological partners’ – and company systems.

Full MVNO is the business model delivering top company independence. The involved company shall manage to have its own numbering resources.
WINDTRE delivers a basic wholesale access to its own radio network and the possibility to add additional wholesale services (e.g. interconnection, transit, and housing services) according to company needs.
image of the connection that arrives in all the points of the globe

Voice Transit

WINDTRE offers international voice transit service, combining direct connections with customized routing options selected for involved operators, ISPs and service providers, to deliver top quality competitive solutions.

International Roaming

WINDTRE reference offer delivering wholesale roaming service on mobile network regulated under code MNC=88. For further details about the offer, refer to the following link. Offer valid from 1st January 2018 in compliance with Regulation no. 2017/920.
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