The private networks for you business

performance image
high thanks to a network designed for the customer
security devices
greater than any other wireless solution
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higher than a solution based on a public network

The solution to meet the specific connectivity needs for Industrial IoT applications

The Private LTE Network is designed and built on the basis of specific service needs. The sizing takes into account the Industrial IoT business applications that will be supported by the private network, their technological evolution over time and the needs for scalability.
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La tecnologia LTE e l’ampia disponibilità di device LTE sono oggi la scelta più idonea per l'Industrial IoT, sebbene gli apparati e l'architettura impiegati siano già 5G ready.

Discover all the advantages

Priority and QoS configured at the SIM level to allow you to use the full capacity of the radio access and ensure low latency.
Network Coverage
Local traffic is confined to the private network and industrial devices are safely enabled to operate only under this network coverage.
Redundant architecture to ensure the survival of the private network in the event of a fault in the public network.
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