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eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a mobile offer on your device without having to use a physical SIM. It is compatible with all WINDTRE BUSINESS tariff plans and can only be used with compatible devices. It performs the same functions as the removable SIM, allowing access to the WINDTRE network.

How to install an eSIM

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the QR Code present in the eSIM voucher
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Make sure you are connected to a data or Wi-Fi network:
  • Scan the QR-Code contained in the paper voucher using the specific function present in compatible devices.
  • The download and installation of the eSIM takes a few seconds and, at the end, you will be asked for simple configurations, which differ depending on the device you are using.
  • The eSIM will be effective within 24 hours of receipt of the data by WINDTRE. The eSIM has the PIN code disabled. If you wish, you can re-enable the PIN through the device menu, and remember that if the code is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the eSIM is blocked.
  • To unblock it, you will need to enter the PUK code and you can set the PIN again. If the PUK code is dialed incorrectly 10 consecutive times, the eSIM will go into permanent block and will need to be replaced.
The WINDTRE BUSINESS eSIM can be downloaded up to 100 (one hundred) times in free mode. After the one hundred download there will be a replacement of the SIM at a cost of 10 €.
For example, in the event of a smartphone failure in which you downloaded your eSIM profile:
  • uninstall the eSIM profile from the broken smartphone;
  • make a new download of your eSIM profile on your backup device (which must support the eSIM) following the instructions on the page.

If you are unable to uninstall the eSIM profile from the device, but have another device that supports eSIM, you will need to ask for a replacement eSIM. If you don't have a replacement device that supports eSIM, you will need to ask for a standard replacement SIM.
How can I apply for the eSIM?
The eSIM must be explicitly requested when signing the contract to your WINDTRE BUSINESS consultant or by contacting customer service 1928 if you are already a Windtre Business customer; in this case there is a cost of 10 €.

Who can apply for the eSIM?
If you are already a WINDTRE BUSINESS customer and have a compatible device, just ask for the replacement eSIM. If you are a customer of another operator, during the signing of the WINDTRE BUSINESS contract, you can request to activate a new eSIM while keeping your old number.
The EID is the unique identification code of the eSIM present in the device.
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