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What is the VoLTE Service?

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology is an additional service that allows you to make calls in high definition characterized by clearer audio quality, rich in detail and isolated from surrounding noise. It also allows you to continue browsing and using apps without slowdowns or interruptions during the call.

How does it work?

Windtre Business sim icon
a LTE WINDTRE BUSINESS SIM and an enabled smartphone.
Update operating system icon
your smartphone operating system
Restart the device icon
the device after the update is complete
Enable 4G and VoLTE icon
4G and VoLTE in the data setting of your smartphone
The VoLTE service is included free of charge in all WINDTRE BUSINESS offers.
To use the service you need a WINDTRE BUSINESS LTE SIM and a VoLTE enabled and compatible device.
Click here to find out if your smartphone is compatible with VoLTE service in Italy and Roaming abroad.

Find out all the information about VoLTE

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How to activate or deactivate the functionality on the smartphone?
If your smartphone allows the management of the VoLTE function you can activate / deactivate it from the Settings menu.
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If the sim has not LTE, is it possible to activate VoLTE?
No, VoLTE requires the LTE service. You can request the replacement of the SIM from Customer Service 1928. WINDTRE will proceed to activate VoLTE afterwards.
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Is it possible to activate VoLTE with a data sim?
No, the VoLTE service is only available for SIMs that have voice service.
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In which cities is VoLTE available?
The VoLTE service, Voice over LTE, is available throughout the national territory where LTE technology is already present.
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Which services are incompatible with VoLTE?
The VoLTE service is incompatible with Dual Sim and VPN.
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Does VoLTE have environmental impact?
No, nothing changes about technologies.
The visualization of the VoLTE service on the display depends on the Smartphone. If the 4G icon is visible during the call, the VoLTE service is active, even if not explicitly shown on the Smartphone.
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