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Internet up to 200 Megabytes, the natural extension for your company.

TO 200 Mb/s

TO 20 MB/s

Why choose OFFICEDATA for your company?

OfficeData is the Internet connection service for Companies, through next-generation ultra-high-speed network. This solution is designed for companies that need to combine high speed and security, performance and service guarantee at an unbeatable price. The service includes
  • FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet) access at a nominal navigation rate of up to 200 Mbps when downloading and 20 Mbps when uploading with a 1-Mbps band rate guaranteed.*
  • A single public static IP.
  • A preinstalled Router Modem
*Effective connection speed depends on the quality of Telecom Italia access network, on client’s line technical capacity and on effective network congestion.
The solution includes a public static IP
It includes a preinstalled router modem and assistance service


Included in the wide range of Office's offers, you'll also find the Secure Web service included.
A powerful and strong in Cloud antivirus granting you the best protection for your data and those of your clients, providing also an effective anti-phishing service and a safe online browsing safe on all of your devices.

Complete your OFFICEDATA offer with the OPTIONS

Installation by Wind Tre specialized technician at the customer site.
Up to a 16 public and static IP addresses in total.

Offer Info and Details

The proposed solution includes a 200-Mbps band peak rate when downloading and 20Mbps when uploading; plus guaranteed band rate of 1 Mbps.
It is understood that actual connection speed depends on the quality of Telecom Italia access network, on client’s line technical capacity, and on network congestion.
The offer includes static IPs to allow public Internet visibility.
With the Net Ride Offer, Wind Tre offers the full range of the internet access solutions, with guaranteed bandwidth and public IP addressing for all customer sites, beyond FTTC, such as ADSL, SHDSL, dedicated Proprietary Fiber, etc...
Contact us for further information.
FTTC is the connection made by optical fiber cables to the cabinet; the modem device is connected directly with a copper cable. The upload speed is up to 20 Mbps and up to 200 Mbps for downloads, with a minimum band of 1 Mbps guaranteed.

The actual available speed will be determined only once the activation of the service is complete and are subject anyway to the distance of the cabinet, the level of the network activity, the Wi-Fi usage and the number and type of connected devices.
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