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To be always one step ahead of the technological innovations you should rely on a browsing speed faster than your business. WINDTRE BUSINESS always provides for its clients needs and has perfected several technologies to use at its sharpest the network browsing speed of enterprises. Discover the several network technology cables made in Optical Fiber through FTTH, the copper plus fiber FTTC technology, Mixed Fiber to Radio with FWA technology or an only copper ADSL technology.

4 technologies, 1000 opportunities

Before choosing the right technology for your Business, either through Fiber or Copper, it's wise to know the differences among them. More precisely, how does an internet connection get to an office?
A fixed-line connection is made of three phases: a cable, a cabinet and a central station. The cable is commonly under ground and can be made both of copper and fiber. The technology used to connect the Cabinet to the office location and the one used to connect the central station to the Cabinet can also be different.


Fiber to the Home
The Optical Fiber connect the central station to the Office itself for the whole path.


Fiber to the Cabinet
The system uses both the copper and the Fiber in a powerful mix. The Optical Fiber connects the central station to the Cabinet, the copper cable connects the Cabinet and the office.


Fixed Wireless Access
Connectivity that uses a mix of optical fiber and mobile radio. The optical fiber connects the control unit to the radio stations (BTS), the Top Quality Network WINDTRE mobile network connects your company to the nearest radio station.


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
The ADSL technology relies entirely on copper wiring to connect both the central station and the Cabinet to the office.

Optical Fiber: fast as much as your Business

What is exactly the technology we refer to as Optical Fiber? The Optical Fiber is a material made of drawing glass or plastic barely thicker than a human single hair. These are then surrounded by a protective rubber sheath. The main difference between the Optical Fiber and the traditional copper telephone lines are the network performances. Fiber is lighter and therefore flexible and immune to the extreme weather conditions. That males it less probable to have a damage caused by deterioration or malfunction by a temperature drop or weather. Therefore, Fiber does not only deliver better performances but has also less possible disservices for clients.
Discover the download speed for FIBER and ADSL technologies

Browsing speed

The Optical Fiber is the best telco technology on the market. It provides its clients with the chance to work on several tasks at once without loosing nor speed nor time. The WINDTRE BUSINESS Fiber makes it possible to make a Skype videoconference, download a large multimedia file and share an HD presentation at the same time, without slowing down even a second!
The connectivity performance can be determined by several element, usually categorized into three groups:

  • Inherent Contingent Elements, such as an old computer or an obsolete modem; 
  • External Contingent Elements, including malware attacks or a busy network;
  • Structural Elements, as for example th maintenance and quality of the materials used for the cables.
The Optical Fiber technology relies only on the inherent contigent elements, while the copper ADSL technology has also to face the problems from the technological performances. 

The diversity of the technologies can be outlined to the material used for the network cables. The ADSL technology uses a traditional copper telephone cable, also partially included in the FTTC technology, for the space between Cabinet and office. The Fiber uses drawing glass or plastic materials. Its performance is better suited for the Small and Medium Business.

The WINDTRE BUSINESS solutions with Optical Fiber

The most advanced solution to keep up with your Business needs.
The solution including Fiber speed up to 2.5 Gb/s, Unlimited Calls in Italy. The modem is included and the KASKO service free of charge.
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The internet only solutions with FTTH technology and a static IP for the office.

Also available with FWA Technology.
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