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To check the costs, services and benefits of your phone account please consult our Guide.
There are several ways to pay for an expired invoice:

For more details on the different procedures, you can consult this page.
You can request a copy of the invoice through the Selfcare portal or by contacting our Customer Service at 1928.

For more information on the different procedures visit this page.
You can change your payment method at any time by accessing your Selfcare portal or by calling the Customer Service 1928.

Visit this page to know all the details about the payment method that best suits your needs.


You can learn about your residual credit:
You can get to know the traffic details of all your business lines by accessing the Selfcare portal or the App.
In addition, you will be able to download the detailed report of the last 90 days and request the details of the encrypted and unencrypted traffic.

For more information visit this page.


To know all the features related to your SIM, log in to the Selfcare portal.
To recharge your SIM you have several alternatives:
For more details visit this page.


WINDTRE BUSINESS SIM cards are already enabled for international roaming. To verify that the roaming service is active at the time of departure, you can contact your company contact person, go to the Selfcare portal or call 1928

For more information about enabling international roaming on your WINDTRE BUSINESS SIM, visit this page.
To make calls when you are abroad, you will need to dial the telephone number preceded by the international area code, both for local and international calls.

To send and receive SMS, instead, enter the number of the recipient in the international format (example for Italy: +39 329 1234567).

For more details you can visit this page.  
Verify that the data service abroad is active in the country where you are located. If you can’t connect, make sure you have set up the internet.it APN correctly. If you want more information visit this page.
According to the EU Regulation No. 531/12 as amended, in the member countries of the European Union, you can use your domestic offer at no additional cost. Within occasional trips and within the limits provided by the fair use policies defined under the aforementioned regulation according to objective parameters such as the price of the offer, the balance between consumption of mobile services in Italy and Europe in a period of 4 months and the existence of a stable link with Italy, in order to prevent abuse and abnormal use, as well as to ensure the economic sustainability of the offer as a whole. For more informations click here.

The rates of calls made and received in International Roaming, however, vary depending on the geographical area. See the table to calculate the costs of SMS, calls and Internet abroad.
Visit this page to learn all about coverage in foreign countries.


For assistance abroad you can call 1928 free of charge or, if not available, the extended number 00393205000199. You can also write us on Whatsapp at +39 327 2122942 for technical support on voice/data services.
To select an operator other than the one that the SIM automatically detects, use the manual network selection function from the menu of your smartphone; then choose an operator from those available.
In compliance with European Regulation No. 544/09, the expense control service related to data traffic performed abroad is compulsorily applied to all WINDTRE BUSINESS Customers, even if not requested. The maximum spending threshold that can be used is €200 per month. If this threshold does not meet your needs visit this page .
If you need to recharge while abroad, you can: 
For more details on how to reload abroad you can visit the following page .
To listen to messages received on your answering machine when you are abroad you need to type different numbers according to the type of device used.
Click on this link to know the different codes to enter and the rates of the service.


eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a mobile offer on your device without having to use a physical SIM.
It is compatible with all WINDTRE BUSINESS tariff plans and can only be used with compatible devices. It performs the same functions as the removable SIM card, allowing access to the WINDTRE network.

For further details on eSIM and how to configure it click here
The Voice over LTE is an additional service that allows you to make high definition calls with a sharper audio quality, rich in detail and isolated from the surrounding noise. It also allows you to continue browsing and using apps without slowing down or interruption during the call.

To learn more about the features and how to configurate the service visit this page.
You can find the list of strings and services by going to the appropriate section.
For more information on Premium Services (VAS) and barring visit this page.


See the Modem Configurations page. You will be provided with guides that will allow you to set up your device.
To surf the Internet you have the possibility to manually configure your smartphone. Visit this page to know the fields to be filled in and the relative parameters to be inserted.


Absolutely yes, to check the activation status of your landline, access the Selfcare portal and enter the DIY section.
Select the "Keep me updated" field to be notified with a message every time your order takes a new step towards activation.
To know the procedure of request of Takeover and the necessary documentation to accompany visit this page.
If you are the Legal Representative of your company and you need to communicate changes on company and tax data, visit this page to know to whom to send the request and, in relation to the type of change you need to report, the additional documents to be attached.
If you want to withdraw from the contract, you can do so at any time by notifying WINDTRE BUSINESS by PEC or registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

Visit this page to know how to manage the cancellation procedure.


Click here to know all the tax benefits dedicated to holders of VAT.
If you are entitled to VAT Exemptions, consult this table to know, depending on the right to belong, the necessary documentation.
The Government Concession Fee is a tax, valid for the entire duration of the contract, linked to the existence of a mobile telephone user with a postpaid subscription contract.

Click here to know if you are entitled to the exemption of this tax and to know the required documentation.
TheStamp tax (of the amount of €2.00) applies to telephone accounts containing invoiced amounts (debit and credit) with a VAT system different from the ordinary one, if the sum of the same exceeds the limit of €77.47.

Click here to find out if you are entitled to exemption.


If you would like to enter your number in the telephone directories or modify some of the data already published, visit this page and discover how to download and send the necessary documentation.
The Register of Objections is a service that allows users in public telephone directories not to receive phone calls for commercial purposes or market research. To find out how to register for the Opposition Register, click on the following page.

For more information, click here: sito www.registrodelleopposizioni.it.


You can find the list of forms on the page dedicated to Useful Forms.
For the submission of the request it is necessary to fill in the Budget Law 2020 form and attach the documents to the basis of the dispute.
You can send it directly through the Selfcare portal or to PEC CustomerCareWindTreBusiness@pec.windtre.it.

For more information click here.
In case of theft and loss, suspected tampering of the SIM card or device or if unauthorized third parties become aware of your personal codes, you must immediately notify WINDTRE by calling 1928.

You must forward a copy of the complaint to the competent authorities within seven days. Click here to know how to send and further documentation to attach.
Discover all the benefits of the WINDTRE BUSINESS App
If you have a PEC address, you can send a communication to: CustomerCareWindTreBusiness@pec.windtre.it
WINDTRE BUSINESS Customer Service is available in 1928. For commercial assistance from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.
The call is always FREE.
For technical assistance you can call 1928 available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
The call is always FREE.
For assistance abroad you can call 1928 free of charge or, if not available, the extended number 00393205000199. You can also write us on Whatsapp at +39 327 2122942 for technical support on voice/data services.
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