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International Roaming

Before you go Abroad
Verify if there is roaming coverage in your country of destination and if your smartphone is compatible with the technology of the operators that cover your country of destination. Also verify which prefix you need to dial from abroad to call Italy.

WINDTRE BUSINESS SIM cards are already enabled for international roaming. Make sure the roaming service is active at the time of departure.
According to the EU Regulation No. 531/12 as amended, in the member countries of the European Union, you can use your domestic offer at no additional cost. Within occasional trips and within the limits provided by the fair use policies defined under the aforementioned regulation according to objective parameters such as the price of the offer, the balance between consumption of mobile services in Italy and Europe in a period of 4 months and the existence of a stable link with Italy, in order to prevent abuse and abnormal use, as well as to ensure the economic sustainability of the offer as a whole. For more informations click here .

When you are Abroad
  • How to make calls
Dial the telephone number, preceded by the international prefix, both for local and international calls.
Before you call a fixed number, find out whether a 0 is necessary before the national prefix.

For example:
If you are in Paris and want to call a number in Paris you must dial:
+33 (prefix for France) 01 (prefix for Paris) XXXXXXXX

If you are in Paris and want to call a number in Rome you must dial:
+39 (prefix for Italy) 06 (prefix for Rome) XXXXXXXX

If you are in Paris and want to call a mobile number you must dial:
+ 39 32X XXX XXX
  • How to send or receive SMS
To send and receive SMS, type the recipient’s number in international form (example for Italy: +39 329 1234567).
  • How to navigate
Verify that data services abroad are available in the Country you are in. If you are not able to connect, make sure that you have correctly set the APN.
  • How to select a specific operator
To select a different operator from the one that the SIM automatically picks up, use the manual network selection feature from your smartphone’s menu; then choose an operator among the available ones.

Spending control
In compliance with European Regulation No. 544/09, the expense control service related to data traffic performed abroad is compulsorily applied to all WINDTRE BUSINESS Customers, even if not requested. The maximum spending threshold that can be used is €200 per month. 

If this threshold does not meet your needs, you can choose one of several predefined thresholds by calling free of charge +393205000200 (can also be reached from abroad). The monthly thresholds available are €50, €100, €200, €500, €1,000 or, alternatively, you can choose to eliminate all spending limits. 

In the course of the connection, the Customer will be notified by SMS when 80% of the required spending limit has been reached. The Customer will have the option to respond to the received SMS to avoid the traffic block and surf during the current month without limits. At the beginning of the next month, the preconfigured threshold will be restored. Upon reaching the predefined upper limit, data transmission will be blocked and rehabilitation to data traffic will occur automatically the following month with the application of the required threshold. The Customer will receive an SMS notifying of the block. By responding to the received SMS with the text ESTERO YES, or by sending an SMS to 4011 with the same text, he/she will be able to unblock his/her data traffic and continue using the service until the end of the month. If the Customer has decided to unblock its traffic, will receive every € 200 of expenditure over the threshold, an SMS notification of the expense made. Upon reaching 1000€ above the threshold, the data traffic will be permanently blocked and can only unlock by contacting Customer Service at +39 3205000200

To unblock your data traffic or for more information, you may call toll-free +39 3205000200.

In the case of both the Rechargeable and Subscription offers, the spending control service applies to all roaming data traffic on a consumption basis. In the case of options/listings that include a roaming data bundle, as well as in the case of the offer valid in the European Union, the service applies to extra bundle traffic generated in the countries of the offer and all traffic generated in countries outside the offer.
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